Toula Ristorante & Bar

(Super delayed post! & a Super short post- because I’m in a rush!) My relatives from Hong Kong came to visit during the weeks of Summerlicious. I was totally excited to take advantage of the summerlicious deals and chose go to  Toula again.
Despite the mixed reviews, I actually enjoyed my first visit there a year ago- absolutely loved the lobster pasta and the tiramusi I ordered for dessert. Server was friendly and attentive. The restaurant itself had magnificent views during night – overlooking the nightlife of downtown Toronto.
However, I was really disappointed with my whole experience during this second visit. The food and service was “meh” so I was literally just paying for the ambiance and the location. Its safe to say that I don’t think I will be returning again!

View of the restaurant & sparking lake!

Amore Salad with Baby Arugula

  • toasted Pine Nuts, fresh Strawberries and shaved Parmigiano Cheese, Honey-Champagne Dressing
  • the appetizer was a beautiful piece of art! – but too bad it tasted the complete opposite of how it looked

Handmade P.E.I. Lobster Ravioli

  • with a light Basil Pesto a la Genovese
  • about 15 ravioli pieces
  • Ok – who orders Ravioli at summerlicious?!?! Well me. My relatives decided to each order a different item from the menu and I was stuck with this (lol)
  • This pasta was extremely dry despite all the pesto sauce you see in the picture below
  • The lobster pieces inside the ravioli had no flavour – everything was just bland and dry – urgh!

Homemade Creme Brulee

  • So I actually enjoyed something during this meal….
  • The creme brulee was smooth and yummy underneath the fruits and the all layer of sugar!

Overall, spectacular view, location and ambiance. I already said enough about the food. Actually, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the food my relatives order nor did I get to try them but they told me they didn’t enjoy it either. So I’m definitely going to spend my $$ trying new restaurants during licious.

Price: $35 + tax + gratuity

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