Windsor Arms Hotel

I had my very first high tea experience at Windsor Arms Hotel EIGHT MONTHS AGO back in May (lol) YES! I realize how late this post is – and for those that know me –  I am a HUGE procrastinator. Anyways, enough about me!

Windsor Arms Hotel is located on St. Thomas Street, steps away from Yorkville.


The lobby of Windor Arms Hotel

The tea room is absolutely stunning and beautiful. The room is painted dark purple with light purple drapes, white ceiling and a beautiful crystal chandelier filling the center of the room.

This picture was taken when we first arrived. But when the room started to fill to capacity- I thought it was way too noisy for what I imagined high tea to be – quiet and leisurely. I was starting to get a headache with kids screaming at the table next to us T____T

There was only 1 or 2 servers responsible for the whole tea room which was fine because I thought he was overly attentive when we were first seated.

I loved how the whole tea set was almost white – simple and elegant.

We ordered the Full Tea Set which included a choice of a Loose Leaf Tea which comes with fresh scones, sandwiches and desserts!

The Tower of Goodies =]

The presentation of the sandwiches included:

  • Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Sour Cream with Salmon Caviar
  • Cucumber with Sundried Tomato Paste and Dill Cream Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken, Granny Smith Apples Citrus Mayonnaise, Greek Yogurt & Chives

The smoked salmon sandwich and the grilled chicken were my favourite

The desserts and the scones I found were extremely filling and I personally didn’t enjoy them as I hoped. I found that the desserts were WAY too sweet for my liking and the scones were just average and filling. However, I enjoyed taking pictures of the desserts – they were a work of art =]

Finished off the tea with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

My friend wanted to pack the scones away =p I like their bag

Overall, I really enjoyed my first high tea experience. Although, I don’t think I will be high tea-ing in the near future just because I found it rather expensive ($55 included tax + gratitude).  Besides the sandwiches I thought everything else including the tea was just ordinary – but I’m glad I chose Windsor Arms Hotel to have my very first high tea experience at.

PS. I realize this post is under “bistro/ fine dining” and thats the closest it gets because I’m too lazy to start a new category for “high tea” =p


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