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    • Seafood Crate: Fresh Seafood Delivered To Your Door

      Seafood Crate: Fresh Seafood Delivered To Your Door
    • Meals Made Easy at Longo’s

      Meals Made Easy at Longo’s
    • Saturday mornings at Jatujak

      Saturday mornings at Jatujak
    • 5 Reasons To Join A Tour With Local Toronto Food Tours

      5 Reasons To Join A Tour With Local Toronto Food Tours
    • Easy 5 Ingredient Chicken Feta Pasta

      Easy 5 Ingredient Chicken Feta Pasta

    Feast of St. Lawrence

    We were incredibly lucky to be back at the Feast of St. Lawrence for a second year in a row! The feast began in spectacular fashion with an exclusive, al fresco fine dining event for charity. 250 guests were seated at 1 long table on Front Street and were served a delicious 5 course dinner prepared by chefs from some of the top restaurants in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. This was definitely one special dinner…

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    Paris travel diary

    We spent 4 days in Paris and it was just enough time for me to fall in love with the city. We left Paris knowing we would come back very soon. We probably could have spent a couple weeks and not run out of things to do. There is so much to explore and endless cafes to try.  Paris was the last stop of our 3 weeks Europe getaway. Here is a snapshot of what…

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    Where to eat in Paris

    We spent  4 full days in Paris and ended up visiting a lot of the restaurants on our list. The foods in Paris were even better that how I imagined it to be. I wish we could have stayed in Paris for another week just to find more ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurants because the list here is endless! (1) Le Petit Canard We visited Le Petit Canard for dinner service for our first…

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    Creamy Mushroom Pasta with No Yolks

    Creamy mushroom pasta using No Yolks noodles for Valentine’s Day? Yes please and thank you. I’m a huge fan of carbs so when I had the opportunity to use No Yolks noodles – it was a no brainer for me! One of my 2018 goals that I’ve been working really hard on so far, is eating healthier. Whether that’s using organic produces or healthier selections of ingredients – I’m always striving to incorporate these changes…

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    Day Trip to Verdon Gorge

    When I was googling things to do and places to visit, Verdon Gorge came up almost  every search and the photos posted online by other travelers left me in awe. I told Eden there was noway we’d be visiting South of France without making a quick stop to see one of Europe’s most beautiful river canyons. Easier said then we done – we Eden drove a total of 6 hours (3 hours each way) not to…

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    Saturday mornings at The Carbon Bar

    I love brunch. I especially love brunching in the east end of town. I feel like there are so many brunch spots in the east end that are the next up and coming spots (minus a few older staples like Le Petit Dejeuner). I’ve been to The Carbon bar on several occasions and have been pretty impressed with their dinner offerings especially the pit master platter! When I heard they started to offer brunch service…

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    Ultimate Guide for a week in the French Riviera

    The French Riviera was one one of those places that we read and heard about as a vacation destination and when we decided to go on our trip to Europe, it was the perfect opportunity to head down. Also known as Cote d’Azur, it was fabulous to visit in the month of September when both the temperature and crowds were moderate. We loved the time away from the hustle of two of the largest cities…

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    Ontario: Checking in at Queen’s Landing Hotel in Niagara on the Lake

    Recently, we were whisked away for 24 hours exploring the newly opened Wayne Gretzky Estates, (read blog post here) we were luckily enough to spend an evening at Queens Landing Hotel. Located just a short 10 minutes away from Wayne Gretzky Estates, Queen’s Landing is one of the many properties across Ontario owned by Vintage Hotels. About the Hotel We pulled up to the entrance of the hotel admiring its gorgeous Georgian Era architecture. Upon…

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    Villefranche-sur-Mer & Eze Village

    As I’m sitting in front of my laptop staring at the photos from our recent trip to South of France, words cannot even describe how breathtaking every single stop was.  South of France was completely E’s idea and I’m glad we didn’t just spend all our time in France exploring Paris – not that there is anything wrong with Paris. Paris is just as gorgeous as South of France but both places run at a…

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    My London Travel Guide

    London is so beautiful in all its ways. Oh how I can’t wait to visit you again! We spent approximately 5 days exploring and eating our way through the city. Tourist areas are welcoming to visit while the atmosphere in the city continues to be culturally vibrant and inclusive. Here is a snapshot of what we got up to all in one day 🙂 (1) Make your way to London Bridge After our breakfast at Duck…

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    Madhatter’s Tea Party – London Food Edition

    One of my fondest moments in London was my afternoon tea experience at the Sanderson Hotel. When I think what I must do in London, I think afternoon tea – which is something one definitely needs to try when they’re over in the UK. There was a huge list of highly rated afternoon tea options. Sketch London was amongst the many but we ultimately decided to choose this uniquely themed “Alice in Wonderland” Tea party.…

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    Harry Potter Fan Day

    Leading up to our visit to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios Tour, we were uber excited for this behind the scenes tour. We didn’t know how much time we would spend there but ended up touring for a whole 3 hours. There are just SO many things to see, do, buy and try out here at the studios! I highly recommend this for any Harry Potter fans out there – it is definitely worth…

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    Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe

    One of my many new year’s resolution for 2018 is to eat out less – this is a hard one honestly but I am determined to make it happen. I want to share more healthy recipes throughout this year and am hoping to support more local farms & produce. I wrote about Fresh City Farm‘s towards the end of last year, if you’ve missed it – I’ve attached a link to that blog post that…

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    Reflections & 2018 Goals

    Happy 2018 to everyone and hope you all had a lovely holiday with your friends and family. I’m back after a year end hiatus with some new content and ideas! I’ve been contemplating for a very long time about writing this blog post mainly because this post is more personal than what I’m normally used to sharing with everyone. Besides posting about events and restaurants in and about the city, I also want to document…

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