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Spuntini Ristorante / Bar

Wow! I’ve been so incredibly busy this past week that I haven’t even been near my lonely laptop =( But Thank God I won’t be busy in the coming weeks so I can keep blogging about my food adventures =D  YAY! I love everything about Yorkville – their shops, restaurants, cafes…. oh and also the Ferrari(s) / R8(s) that are always parked on the streets =p So after a shopping spree at Yorkville, I ended up at Spuntini Ristorante / Bar – an authentic Italian restaurant that was recommended to me by a foodie friend. Spuntini gives a very rustic and romantic atmosphere with all the candle-lit tables. They serve authentic Italian food that consists of home…

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School Bakery & Cafe

A few weeks ago, I ventured off to the heart of Liberty Village to enjoy a delicious brunch at School Cafe & Bakery (@Schoolville). I woke up tres early on a sunny Saturday morning and arrived at School just before 9:30am to find that we were the second group to arrive. And moments later, a line starting to form behind us.Thank God we arrived early because during the whole drive up I was contemplating if it was really necessarily to wake up so early for brunch – But it was all worth it in the end =D I love the whole school theme-concept for the restaurant. Even our waitress was dressed up in a cute school uniform. Their…

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Ice ‘N Cake

Ice ‘N Cake gelato & patisserie (located inside at Shops @ Don Mills) is an European inspired dessert place serving gelato, ice cream, crepes and waffles!  Their decor and patio is very colourful and cute. The cake I ordered was very well presented  but a little on the expensive side…. I’m really picky about cheesecake and I definitely didn’t like the one I tried because I find that it was WAY too sweet and heavy – I couldn’t taste the caramel at all in the cheesecake. I prefer my cheesecake to be on the lighter side. But the other desserts looked delicious so maybe if I ever drop by @ Don Mills I’ll give it another try! *…

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Hinote Sushi

When it comes to sushi restaurants in the Mississauga area, there are not that many decent places  to choose from. Over the years I’ve been disappointed countless times with the sushi being served in the area, whether it be all-you-can eat or just off their regular menu… Thankfully, a friend of mine had introduced me to Hinote Sushi. And ever since then, this hidden gem is one of my favourite sushi restaurants that I can always resort to in Mississauga =] Hinote Sushi is a very small restaurant located in the plaza at the Mavis Road & Bristol Road intersection. Very clean atmosphere, very comfortable. I never had a problem with the service as our servers were…

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Here’s a quick post of Jump (O&B’s Restaurant) when I visited them during Summerlicious (@LiciousTO) for dinner. I had a mediocre experience here and don’t get me wrong, the food was pretty good but I didn’t find our particular server interested in serving us. Urgh! Throughout the course of dinner, our server wasn’t friendly at all, he had a serious look on his face the whole time,  he didn’t bother telling us the name of our dishes – I honestly felt intimidated by him, it almost felt like our presence was torturing him. But whatever, I just assumed he was having a rough day- so fine! Almost towards the end of dinner, a group of…

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I went to Inakaya a very long time ago with a few friends for dinner. This authentic sake bar is tucked away on Willowdale Avenue, minutes away from Yonge and Finch. The atmosphere of Inakaya is very warm, cozy and inviting. Very small, so it may be best to make reservations. The staff here were really friendly and helpful and had no problems when it came to promoting their specials or recommending us their infamous dishes. Here’s a shot of the interior. A few tables and seats all around the bar. Our waitress gave us way too many cute cups for our sake (lol) =D Beef Amiyaki This was my first ever table cooking experience…

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Apricot Tree Cafe

Apricot Tree Cafe located near Dundas & Mississauga Road in the Sherwood Forest Village offers a wide range of goodies – sandwiches, wraps, crepes, pastas, cakes, ice cream and a lot of other desserts. I’m always in a dire need to go back to Apricot Tree Cafe for their delicious desserts. Well, specifically their Creme Caramel – which NEVER disappoints.  Over the years, I had never bothered to stay for a sit down dinner here. Rather I would just buy my Creme Caramel for take out and leave. But for whatever reason, I decided to stay for dinner. Here’s the exterior look of the cafe: Mango Tango Smoothie ($4.50) the mango smoothie was very cold and refreshing…

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Don Don Izakaya

I recently joined Twitter and came across Don Don Izakaya (@Dondon_Izakaya). One of Toronto’s hottest and newest Izakaya located on the second floor (over Topcuts & Nails and Spa) at the intersections of Bay & Dundas near the Eaton Center. . Owners of the new hot spot include: Tony Wong and Anthony Phang, of Sushi Time on Queen, and Kazu Maruyama, editor of the Toronto Japanese website Bits (Source – *Please note that their grand opening is sometime towards the end of the month* . Izakayas are defined as a Japanese pub that usually serves Japanese tapas (small dishes). And very much like Guu, Don Don Izakaya does not serve sushi dishes. But unlike Guu, Don Don Izakaya intends to give customers a quieter…

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Mill Street Brew Pub

Mill Street Brewery serves tasty & cold beer and typical “pub food”. Mill Street Brewery is definitely the place to go if you want to enjoy good beer on a casual night out with friends. The restaurant, opened in 2006, is located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. When you first walk into the Mill Street Brewery, you’ll see a humongous brewery plotted on the left side of the restaurant, a bar on the right and tables and chairs all over this wooden beams restaurant. Mill Street Pilsner. 4.8% alc./vol. “Mill Street’s organic continental lager has a deep golden hue, a giant rocky white head with a malty sweet nose. The first taste is sweet but leads quickly…

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Bannock is O&B’s newest restaurant, located in the heart of the Entertainment District – literally right cross from the Eaton Centre. The location is extremely convenient for shoppers & those that work nearby – Bannock has a dining section on the left, a part coffee cafe and a grab and go section – conveniently available for those in the midst of the hustle and bustle. I visited Bannock on a week night to grab a late dinner. About 1/3 of the place was filled as it was almost closing. Their menus were also used as place mats. Very simple and easy to read. Definitely didn’t want to be overwhelmed by choice after what it seemed to be an…

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Gilead Cafe & Bistro

So after my early dinner at Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar, (see post here) we ended up venturing around downtown Toronto for a while until we both started to madly crave for desserts and  a random but major craving for poutine (lol) I instantly thought of Jamie Kennedy’s Gilead Cafe & Bistro, plus all the reviews and pictures of the famous “JK poutine” had made me long to try the place even more… For those that don’t know, Jamie Kennedy  is a Canadian Chef and owner and operator of Gilead Café, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens and former owner of the Jamie Kennedy at the ROM based in the City of Toronto. – Wikipedia FYI, Gilead Cafe & Bistro located…

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La Société

About a month ago I ventured off to downtown Toronto after work to try Yorkville’s newest restaurant . I feel like it’s one the most expensive restaurants I’ve ever been to or I will ever go to. HA!  But  my friend and I decided that we will try a new restaurant every time we get our pay cheques =D La Société is a French restaurant that opened 2-3 months ago on Bloor with renovations that cost over $4 million!!. This restaurant is intended to give you a “night in Paris” experience and it definitely did because everyone around us were pretty, tall and dressed like models! I enjoyed everything that night except for one thing…

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Ematei Japanese Restaurant

A few months ago I ventured off to downtown Toronto to check out one of Toronto’s few authentic Japanese restaurants. I was tres excited as I have heard many good things about Ematei. I really enjoyed dinner there and unexpectedly came out loving Japanese style curry dishes =D Ematei is located  in the entertainment district. It’s like a hidden gem on St. Patrick St so it’s easy to overlook this restaurant if you aren’t actually looking for it. When you walk into the restaurant there’s a sushi bar on your left and a few tables on the right and all in the back. Actually, I had an awkward experience while waiting to be seated. My…

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Cafe by Crêpe it up

Crepe it up is definitely the best crepe joint in Toronto by far!!! I’ve tried many dessert places around town but none of them have made me crave their desserts the day after (lol). I have past by this place numerous times and if I had known about their amazing crepes I wouldn’t have wasted so much time looking for the perfect “crepe place” Crepe it up is a small and some what cozy place in the village. There have a  few small round tables and a communal table that seats about 10 people sitting in the middle of the place. If it gets real busy you definitely can’t study or lounge around the place. Crepe…

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