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Cafe Mania!

I visited Cafe Mania just 2 weeks ago with a friend and it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. Perhaps I’ve read many good things about the place so I walked in with higher expectations. Cafe Mania definitely lacks service. And in terms of their desserts, I thought it was alright but I’ve had better. Perhaps, I just dropped by at the wrong time? Anyways, Service was a bit slow. They had 2 people working at the time: one taking the order and the other was making the desserts at the front. When our server arrived with our desserts, he placed our cutlery on the table (which wasn’t very clean to begin…

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Dinner @ Fin Izakaya

Fin Izakaya (@FinIzakaya) located near the intersections of Yonge St & Eglinton Ave, is a type of Japanese pub that serves tapa dishes (small dishes) presented in an appealing manner. – Before visiting Fin Izakaya, I have read a bunch of mixed reviews so I didn’t know what to expect. Some dishes were better than others – so it wasn’t all too bad. The great thing about Fin Izakaya is that they accept reservations and there is also free parking =D Basically you have to call the restaurant when you arrive and one of their staff members will come outside and lead you to their private parking area! – The atmosphere is not much of a loud drinking…

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Awesome meal at Barque Smokehouse!

Barque Smokehouse (@barquebbq) is one of 2011’s new best restaurants – and is well worth the visit! Located in the Roncesvalles Village, Barques‘ is a smokehouse that brings out the best classic southern barbeque that you can find in the area. Barque Smokehouse accepts reservations but leaves 1/3 of the restaurant for walk in customers. I arrived with IL on a Sunday evening around 5:30pm, attempted to make reservations 2 days prior but no luck. So we decided to try our luck with walk-in and the restaurant was already packed when we arrived! The hostess asked if we were okay sitting at the kitchen bar – we didn’t have a problem with that because it would…

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First Ever Home Made Feast! =D

There aren’t that many people that have ever eaten what I’ve cooked before. The reason being is that I suck at it (haha – just kidding!) … I’m just somewhat lazy when it comes to cooking and the whole idea of grocery shopping & preparation tires me out especially since I have to study study study at night! But once in a blue moon I come out of the closet and prepare a little feast! =P  Hope you enjoy the pictures! Marinated Beef Skewers – all lined up and ready to be placed in the oven! Fresh Raw Shrimps – all washed and ready to go! A Japanese style inspired Baked Rice – the sauce for…

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Scarpetta – Winterlicious

I just want to announce to the world that Scarpetta (@ScarpettaTO) is hands down, my all time favourite Italian restaurant! My experience here was beyond expectations: the service, presentation, atmosphere & quality and the attention to detail of the food was impeccable. Scarpetta is an upscale Italian restaurant located within the Thompson Hotel along King Street Village. Celebrity Chef Scott Conant, oversees all the Scarpetta restaurants located in New York, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Miami Beach & last but not least, Toronto! The ambiance at Scarpetta evokes a rustic elegance – dark, with a blue-ish glow lighting up the restaurant. Table Setting: Winterlicious 2012 Menu: Everything I ordered that evening were all part of Scarpetta’s Signature Dishes Bread…

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The Gabardine

Almost a month ago, I ventured off to downtown Toronto after a busy work day to indulge in some good eats at The Gabardine (@thegabardine). Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Financial District, The Gabardine serves great comfort food for both lunch and dinner. This resto has been “in the queue” for me for quite some time due to all the hype about their infamous mac and cheese, so it was a pretty obvious choice for me to check this place out… The atmosphere here was really laid back – servers were all friendly and dressed very casually. Candles were placed on every table and lots of framed art work were…

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New City Restaurant

There are so many “Hong Kong style cafes” located in Markham area to choose from but I always end up going back to New City Restaurant  [新城市餐廳]. The reason being is that New City NEVER DISAPPOINTS hence why I’ve been back numerous times =D New City is extremely busy during lunch / late afternoon on weekends (haven’t been during weekdays). I always end up waiting for less than 5 minutes at the door before being seated. The restaurant is always jammed pack during peak hours so you’ll feel a little claustrophobic. So my dad and I were in the area on a late Saturday afternoon and decided to grab some quick eats. I always overwhelmed by the…

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Art Square Cafe

I tend to opt out of desserts at restaurants because I usually save my tummy for ice cream / crepes/ waffles / cakes etc. at other places. I mean obviously I would stay at the restaurant for dessert if it was something that people HIGHLY RECOMMENDED or something from the dessert menu seemed INTRIGUING for me to stay. (which rarely happens lol) I remember going to Art Square Cafe after a particular dinner of eating extremely spicy Korean food so YES! I was DYING + CRAVING for crepes right after to get rid of the spices. Art square Cafe is located literally right across from the AGO which also features an art gallery when you…

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Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe

Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe, located in Little Italy / Portugal Village, is a cozy cafe at the corner of College Street that I can always take refuge to whenever I happen to crave for desserts late at night! They offer a WIDE selection of goodies – their specialties being: Belgian waffles, Tartufo, Pannini, specialty coffee, ice cream crepes, cakes etc. I’ve been to Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe numerous times and they have an awesome patio during the summer. They open quite late – Sunday to Thursday close at 1am, Friday & Saturday close at 3am. I find their menu items are affordable – nothing too expensive. Their Menu: Waffle & Crepe Selections – Waffles $7.50 / Crepe $6.95  Fantasia Crepe ($6.95) Vanilla ice cream…

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Grand Electric

Grand Electric (@grandelectricTO) is one of the newest hot spots to go to for good food and a great night out. Opened for about 3 months by former owners of The Black hoof, Grand Electric offers Mexican food serving yummy tacos & beer and loud music. I love restaurants that specialize in specific types of foods – and  with tacos being one of my favorites I knew I had to check this place out. Grand Electric opens at 6pm and does not accept reservations. So last Monday, I ventured off to downtown Toronto after work to meet up with a few friends. And upon arrival, we were wait listed for about an hour and half – just as we expected.…

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Bymark – Winterlicious

Bymark Restaurant (@BymarkDowntown) is the second restaurant I visited for Winterlicious. Bymark has actually topped my list for restaurants to visit for a while.  Not only was I intrigued by  the overwhelming choices on their Licious menu  but also so many foodies have raved about this restaurant so I knew I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass. With that in mind, I was tres excited to drag my friend along with me to indulge in a superb dinner =] Bymark Restaurant is a very classy establishment located in the concourse level of the TD Tower in the hustle and bustle of the financial district. All of the exquisite foods served here are prepared by Chef Mark McEwan, Canadian celebrity chef, head judge…

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Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

Kenzo Japanese Noodle House specializes in Ramen noodles – Not your typical Western style pasta but rather a type of wheat noodle served in a meat or fish flavoured broth. There aren’t that many places that serve decent Ramen noodles in Toronto so Kenzo is probably your safest bet. I was shopping on Bloor and ended up  in the Annex. Despite the mixed reviews of Kenzo I decided to check it out anyways because I was craving for some ramen on a particular cold and windy day outside. Kenzo Japanese Noodle House  currently has 3 locations – Dundas, Bloor & Yonge being their newest location. The interior: Their menu is divided up into different sections: Basic Ramen, Spicy…

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Annona – Winterlicious

Annona Restaurant is the first of three restaurants I visited for Winterlicious 2012.  Annona Restaurant had always been on my list of places to visit but sadly I didn’t find their Winterlicious menu to be anything special. However, a foodie friend of mine had visited the day before and raved about it so I decided to make some last minute reservations =D Annona Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant, located in the beautiful appointed hotel of Park Hyatt of Toronto.  The restaurant itself offers a very intimate setting, lots of blue and gold decor and large windows overlooking the fashionable Yorkville. My view: The bar on the left side of the restaurant: Table setting & Licious Menu Bread…

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Khao San Road

For a really long time, I have read & heard SO many good things about Khao San Road (@khaosanroadTO) and  have no idea why it took me this long to visit. And so I FINALLY trekked made my way downtown a few weeks ago for an awesome dinner with my friend. Usually, when I hear good reviews about a resto, I walk in with really high hopes and expectations and come out some what disappointed. But with Khao San Road, I came out really giddy (like a little girl) and was already mentally planning my second visit =D The vibe and atmosphere is very different than your typical Thai restaurant. Very lively and almost like a…

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