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    Ontario: Where to stay in Port Hope – Brandon Manor Bed and Breakfast
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Cool Hand Luc

Cool Hand Luc (@coolhandlucTO) is a cute little ice cream shop that opened last year in June 2011, located on King Street West in the heart of downtown Toronto. Besides serving a variety of fine ice cream, they also cater to hot soups and grilled cheese all year round! Unfortunately, after filling our tummies with sausages over at WVRST (See Post Here) that night, we were only in the mood (and had room) for ice cream!  A shot of the cute & colourful little ice cream shop! I felt like I was in “ice-cream land” haha The massive mural that takes up the whole back wall was absolutely adorable. Ice Cream Menu! Ice Cream Prices Daily Soups & Grilled…

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WVRST (@WvrstBeerHall) is a “sausage fest” and by that I mean everything on the menu is literally sausage + beer!  I’ve never been huge on sausages- actually – its more like I never knew there were THIS many kinds of different sausages that existed – so witnessing the galore of sausages in all types and shapes on display was neat. But it was great to finally check this place out and get it off the radar. WVRST is a big open space with long communal tables. German themed – casual & laid back atmosphere – though it was a bit hectic late Friday night. When we first walked in the staff had checked out IDs and gave…

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Le Cafe Michi

Le Cafe Michi is located in a quaint plaza on Pharmacy and Sheppard in Scarborough. Nothing on the exterior really indicates that this is a Japanese restaurant; it just looks like a small cafe shop so you’ll actually have to look for it or you’ll miss it passing by. I was quite excited to check this place out. Many friends have raved and highly recommended certain menu items and after reading many positive reviews I knew exactly what I was going to order. Le Cafe Michi is a small and narrow restaurant. The front of the restaurant holds a long fridge displaying their daily assortment of fresh desserts. There is extra seating located in the back…

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Fuel House

Last Sunday, I finally made my way to Fuel House (@FuelHouseTO) after hearing the non stop rave about their delicious sandwiches and snacks! Unfortunately we weren’t that hungry when we arrived  but still decided to grab a “light” snack. I really love this place. They focus on serving quality food while keeping the presentation of their dishes clean and simple. Fuel House is situated in Little Italy / Portugal Village in a converted Victorian Home.  Their aim is to provide tasty food, cold pints and delicious wines in a casual neighborhood pub atmosphere Fuel House is very small yet cozy. As you can probably tell from the pictures, most of the tables fit 2-4 people. Plus bar & T.V at the back. Their 2…

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Stoney’s Bread Company

Stoney’s Bread Company is a hidden gem tucked away in Oakville serving familiar classics – Italian and a modern Mediterranean influence. The doors of this restaurant opened back in 2004 by co -owners Steve Chabot and Blake Stoneburgh (restaurant name was inspired by Blake’s father). With Stoney’s Bread Company being # 2 on Urbanspoon’s “Toronto’s Most Popular Restaurant” plus a friend’s recommendation (particularly their Sunday brunch) – it was pretty obvious that Stoney’s would be my next stop (one of many restaurants in my long list in the queue – haha) Unfortunately, I’m pretty busy Sundays so a dinner visit will have to do for now =) Stoney’s is a “cafeteria” style restaurant. You order and pay for your…

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Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

I have a confession to make. Before my visit to Hy’s Steakhouse, I rarely enjoyed steak at restaurants – I don’t know if its because I’m picky or I’ve been going to the wrong places but the steaks just never turned out right for me. And if you’ve been following my blog you will notice that this is the very first time I’ve ordered steak for myself! In any case, I really want to share my delightful dining experience, here at Hy’s Steakhouse. I just loved the atmosphere of Hy’s Steakhouse as soon as I walked in. Very high ceilings, dim lighting and romantic – the overall decor gave the restaurant a rustic elegance. The seats…

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Mary Brown’s

I have never heard of Mary Brown’s until recently. Mary brown is a franchise across Canada-  known for their signature chicken that I have yet to try. Their chicken are “plump Grade A chicken, which we carefully cut by hand and marinate in our special marinade, making it extra tender. Each piece is then generously coated with our Signature seasoned breading and cooked to perfection in our proprietary cooking units, using the highest quality trans-fat free canola oil” – Mary Brown’s I dropped by to grab their signature taters instead of their chicken (lol). Their signature taters (potato wedges) are hand cut wedges that are tossed in their signature breeding and cooked into a golden brown perfection. They have…

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Sushi Couture [Part 2]

See PART 1 – MY OMAKASE experience @ SUSHI COUTURE After my amazing Omakase experience at Sushi Couture, it was pretty obvious I would return for a regular dinner. As I had expected, I was not disappointed – in fact, I was probably more impressed =)   The highlight for me at Sushi Couture, was the Sushi Couture Maki (their signature roll) – words cannot be used to explain how scrumptious it is. Highly recommend! Soup & Salad to start, this came with the sashimi & sushi dinner we ordered California Maki The California Maki came with the Sushi Dinner we ordered For such a simple maki, this was made perfectly! – the rice wasn’t…

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Omakase @ Sushi Couture [Part 1]

Sushi Couture, opened by Chef Ken (former owner of Japango) is one of my to go places for fresh and quality sushi with a lower price point in the downtown area. Located in The Annex, Sushi Couture may be one of the price-ier sushi places among the many cheaper alternatives in the area. However, I can vouch that Sushi Couture serves the best sushi in The Annex and its totally worth to spend a little bit more $$ just for the freshness and quality. I have visited Sushi Couture a number of times now and I particularly wanted to blog about my very first experience here when I had ordered their $39 Omakase. For those…

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Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House is a small but cozy dessert place located in North York. With its bright colours & clean and quiet environment, Pastel Creperie & Dessert House is a wonderful place to come and sit back and relax. Pastel Creperie & Dessert House serves a wide variety of sweets which includes savory & sweet crepes, waffles, ice-cream, cakes, cookies and specialty drinks. (The specialty cakes served here are made by Rahier Patisserie) Exterior of the dessert house – Upon arrival, we were greeted by our super friendly waitress. She gave us a special & regular menu along with the green picture booklet that shows what each dessert looks like. (shown in first picture above) Green…

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The Left Bank @ Buffalo

The Left Bank is hands down one of my top 5 favourite restaurants of all time. Ever since my recent visit, I’ve been dying to come back – hopefully to indulge in at least everything on their menu. This is really rare for me – but my experience here was just unbelievable and the food was beyond fantastic. We walked in with high expectations and were not disappointed at all! The Left Bank is a cozy restaurant situated in Buffalo – approximately 30 minutes from the Niagara Falls border.  The restaurant gives off a romantic ambiance yet casual atmosphere – it may get real busy so be prepared for noise! We visited on a Sunday evening and…

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Poutine @ Firepit

So I definitely feel my cholesterol rising because for the past 2 weeks I’ve been on some insane poutine craze. Hope it ends soon before I suffer from a heart attack – my poor body needs some rest =( Anyways, Firepit is an affordable family restaurant located at the intersections of Hurontario & Brittania in Mississauga. They specialize in providing a variety of fast foods serving burgers, sandwiches, souvlak etc. Unfortunately, every time I’ve been only able to grab their poutine for a late night snack! Large Poutine ($4.85) / Small ($4.15) The poutine here is amazing! As I was watching them make this – I noticed they first pour a bit of gravy to the bottom of…

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Chicago Style Pizza Shack

To be brutally honest, when this place was first suggested, I was hesitant because I wanted to stay as from away from pizza as I could after stuffing my face with it for 4 years while studying in Waterloo.  However, I’m uber glad I did visit here because Chicago Style Pizza has pretty much changed the way I think about pizza now – more specifically – Deep Dish Pizza! This hidden gem, tucked away in Hamilton, is a family own business that started in 1946. Their delicious pizza & pasta sauce are all home made!  – On March 16th, Chicago Style Pizza appeared on  The Food Network Canada’s YOU GOTTA EAT HERE! Host John Cattuci, described the Deep Dish…

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Everyone seriously needs to COME AND GET IT! (@ComeAndGetIt416) … NOW! =p For those that don’t know me, I am a poutine fanatic. I am always thinking, reading and on the lookout for restaurants that serve killer poutine! And so last week, when I came across a foodie friend of mine, Mary Chan‘s (@citrusblack) post about the Pork Belly Poutine she had at Come And Get It – I knew this was my next stop! =D Last night after work, I ventured off to downtown Toronto for some shopping and yummy eats. Strolling along Queen Street West, we spotted Come and Get it at the intersections of Spadina & Queen Street West! Exterior: I LOVE the…

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