Weekend Distraction 05.22.20

Happy Friday + weekend friends! Earlier in the week, we ordered take out from Yu Seafood, a Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill and it was pretty satisfying. When things go back to normal some day, I’d definitely be bringing my family to try their dim sum in person; steaming fresh from the bamboo containers. PS – order their black sesame mochi – its so good!

On another note, yesterday was Eden’s 31st birthday and we enjoyed a 4 course meal from Mira. His birthday present & activity will have to wait until Covid-19 is all over (but in all honesty, he’s got me – so I think he’s good, right ladies? haha)

Let me know how you guys are doing in the comments below!

So apparently Canada’s Wonderland have these videos available for you (and your family) to take virtual rides of their rollarcoasters. Try riding the Yukon Striker and not sh*t your pants!

Are you as good at typing as you think you are? This is my score if you want a friendly challenge haha

Did you hear Adam Sandler and Lebron James are teaming up for a Netflix move called Hustle

If you have flaky skin, try these DIY masks at home

OMG, Legally Blonde 3 is reuniting Mindy + Reese!!!

You can make Disney’s FAMOUS peanut butter and jelly milkshake with these 4 ingredients

Here are 20 kitchen organization tips to to maximize storage space

Topshop is having a huge sale on all their summer dresses and I’m loving this one here

Has anyone tried these rubber facial masks?


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