Reflections & Goals for 2020 (Life Update!)

Every year I write out a blog post dedicated to my goals that I want to achieve & maintain over the course of the year. I like to write and share these thoughts so I can hold myself accountable and also be able to look back on these posts some day. Last year, I wrote a post called “Let’s do this 2019!” where I reflected on the previous year and also shared 4 goals – one goal for each category of my blog. This year I want to take a different approach. I want to focus on my overall physical & mental well being.


Not only do I want to maintain a bullet journal to keep my day to day blog organized, I also want keep a journal of my thoughts on a weekly basis as well as things that I am grateful for. I’d like to track the number of times I work out and what activities I do, be it swimming, spin classes or even the elliptical. To save money and to be healthier, I want to jot down recipe ideas that I can cook at home too. Hopefully journaling will allow me to slow down from the busy world that we live in and help me reflect more on a regular basis.


I recently joined a new gym and I am enjoying the wide array of different classes they have to offer. In particular, I am really getting into the restorative yoga class that I have been attending once a week. The class is so slow in pace that it helps you to stretch deeply in places that you usually overlook, while also connecting your mind & body. This class is pretty much the only time that I completely slow down and really get in touch with my mind and body. I’ve been to a few classes since the new year and I already feel great. I’ve also slowly gotten into a grove of heading to the gym before I start work which seems to fit into my schedule nicely. Some days, I head out for a swim first thing in the morning and finish the evening with another class.


We’ve been really good the past year, especially towards the end of 2019 by purchasing more groceries and having a routine of cooking up a storm on Sundays to meal prep for the week. This helps us to save time and money! There have been the challenging weeks where the food barely lasts us through mid-week though, and we have to challenge ourselves to cook again on Wednesday night. Thanks to our recent splurge on the Instant Pot; it has really helped us save a lot of time!


I’m really happy with the progress and the amount of quality blog posts I’ve published in 2019. I intend to continue that pattern and not allow myself to procrastinate. I also intend to be quicker with my emails by replying right away and also declining any projects that I don’t see fit. Rather than staring at the email, debating if I should accept, and letting it end up sitting in my Inbox, I am planning to be more responsive and reactive.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE…and something personal

Eden and I are engaged!!!!! We actually got engaged a couple of months ago, September of last year to be exact, and everything has been happening VERY quickly but it’s also been VERY exciting at the same time. We feel so lucky and grateful for all the warm wishes we’ve received from our close family and friends.

I hope this explains why I’ve been MIA both on my blog & Instagram. We’ve been quite busy looking at churches, venues and speaking to what feels like endless amounts of vendors on any night of the week. This whole process has been an eye opener but I’m so relieved that the “big ticket items” such as the church and venue have been locked down. Over the holidays, we invited the wedding party over to our place for a small get together! We’ve even had our engagement photos taken in Kyoto – so we’re slowly checking things off the seemingly never ending list but it’s all slowly but surely coming along nicely 🙂

I definitely want to start a wedding section on my blog and provide any dress shopping tips + any wedding insights that I’ve learned during the process. There is definitely a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than I ever realized.

That’s all the updates I have for now! Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Feel free to also follow along on my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to.

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung



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