How to shop these brands more efficiently during a sale

I love shopping and shopping at Zara and H&M could be my part-time job. Period.

Sometimes I shop in store and other times online, but when it’s a crazy sale days such as Black Friday or Boxing Day (in Canada), there is no way you’ll find me inside a physical store.

Over the years, I’ve gathered some tips from my online shopping experiences that I want to pass onto my friends. These tips mainly surround shopping at Zara and H&M on their mobile apps but may also be useful towards other brands as well – so here we go!

Download the app and ensure you’re signed in and logged on at all times.

At H&M, the best way to be informed is to sign up as a member so you are know exactly when the sale starts. Being a H&M member literally only requires providing them with your email address and they also offer new members 10% off their next purchase. That being said, I’m not sure if you can combine the welcome offer with their Black Friday sale but it’s worth a try!

If the Zara sales are same as last year, their sale usually starts the Thursday evening of Black Friday and the evening of Christmas Day. If you’re using their app, you actually get earlier access than shopping on your desktop. I always ensure I’m logged onto the app with my mailing address and credit card information saved directly onto the app so I can ensure an easy breezy checkout. The last thing you want to do on the sale day is to look for your credit card around the house and slowly enter your personal information.

Save and load items onto your shopping cart

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared if you know exactly what you want to buy! Why not make it stress free by saving items that you fancy and also adding it to your shopping cart while you’re at it! Sometimes the apps and website go in to preparation mode a few hours before the sale starts. If you’re lucky, your items will still be in your shopping cart (mine usually are!). If not, don’t panic – this is why you have your items saved/favourited!

Check out as soon as you hit $50 pre-tax

This is an important one to remember! Zara and H&M (members only) offer free shipping for any purchases over $50 pre-tax. Having said that, keep in mind that items in your shopping cart are NOT reserved for you. I usually recommend having multiple orders of $50 to guarantee that those items are yours! It might sound crazy, but just a reminder – you are competing with many other shoppers so sizes and stock may run out quick, at which point your order won’t go through. I’ve actually witnessed this happen to many of my friends. I’m pretty sure I had 4-5 separate orders of $50 last year during Boxing Day.

Return Policy

Nothing is better than brands that have a great return policy. I mostly shop online at Zara and you have a choice of either returning your items in store or online. Their in store return policy is more convenient for me so that is what I usually do. Otherwise, you’ll have to request and wait for a shipping label etc.

For H&M refunds, you won’t be able to return your online purchases in store but your packages from H&M will already come with a prepaid return shipping label. However, if you are a H&M member then the return label is free. As I mentioned above, becoming H&M member is simply signing up with your email. If you don’t like something, all you have to do is throw your items back in the same bag that it came in, slap the return label back on and drop off your package at a Canada Post mailbox or store. There is a Canada Post mailbox right infront of my work so I always return items on my way to work!

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my post on how to shop these brands efficiently for the Boxing Day sale. Feel free to also follow along my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to.

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung



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