Saturday mornings at REDS (Square One)

As I’m sitting at my desk drafting this post, I’ve realized in a blink of an eye, come September is my 5 years working downtown Toronto. Time seriously flies. One of the restaurants that I frequent after work in the downtown core is REDS Wine Tavern inside First Canadian Place (due to its convenient location). While I can totally rave about their lobster guacamole dip all day, I was totally caught off guard to see a brunch menu & full on bakery section happening inside REDS at Square One Shopping Mall. The best thing about this REDS inside Square One Shopping mall is that they have a mini “walk through” window for shoppers looking to pick up something on the go!



Bakery Basket ($7.00 small / $10.00 large)

  • minature quiche, scones, blueberry citrus glazed muffins
  • we opted for the small bakery basket


E and I were blown away by their bakery basket, pancakes and avocado toast. Those scones and muffins were so good, we actually came back on a separate occasion just to purchase the basket to take home! The pancakes were just as good as their other baked goods. Their pancakes were done to perfection – soft & fluffy with a slightly crispy texture around the edges, honestly some really good pancakes I’ve had in a while.


Three Stack Pancake ($13.00)

  • REDS traditional buttermilk recipe, chantilly cream, berries, maple syrup


Avocado Toast ($8.50)

  • soft boiled egg, feta, chia seeds, freshly baked sourdough


Eggs Benedict ($14.00)

  • Canadian peameal bacon, hollandaise, house baked English muffin, fried potatoes


What else can you find at Square One Shopping Mall! 

Eva’s Original Chimneys – Eva’s serves up your traditional Hungarian chimney cake with fill ice cream and toppings! Their Chimney cakes come in sweet and savoury options. There are vegan choices for both cakes and cones


Love Me Sweet specializes in making Japanese style cheesecake! Their cheesecakes are light, fluffy and cream cheesy!


This post was done in collaboration with Square One Shopping Mall but remains unbiased in our content.


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