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Happy 2018 to everyone and hope you all had a lovely holiday with your friends and family. I’m back after a year end hiatus with some new content and ideas! I’ve been contemplating for a very long time about writing this blog post mainly because this post is more personal than what I’m normally used to sharing with everyone. Besides posting about events and restaurants in and about the city, I also want to document the things I plan to do and achieve for the new year on a personal and business level for 2018 and things I’ve learned about myself in 2017.

I’ve added new  sections to my blog and I’ve broken it down for you below. I’m hoping to share with everyone a little bit career / lifestyle tips that I find useful when I’m trying to organize my life (both personal and business) together. I’m going to be traveling again in March so I’m hoping to share a guide / travel tips / where to eat / what to do etc type posts. I’m still working on my Europe 2017 Trip – so please expect those posts to be coming soon! I’ve also been thinking of sharing more vegan and plant based recipes that I’ve found recently 🙂

Content of my blog:

  • New categories
    • Travel (Hotel/Resorts, Different Countries – Restaurants, What to do / Things to eat/ See, Travel Tips)
    • Food (Restaurants, Events, Giveaways, Food Tours, Subscriptions Services, Mobile Applications)
    • Recipes – Lately I’ve been really into organic, plant based recipes that can still be just as delicious as any other recipe. I’m thinking of sharing these new finds on my recipe section.
    • Lifestyle – This section is a little newer to my blog but I would love to share my personal goals & aspirations. Anything career related and also a little bit on health, wellness and of course fashion!

Personal goals:

  • Drink more water – 8+ cups to be exact. I have a Brita Water Filter Pitcher at my desk now so there shouldn’t be any excuse as to why I can’t drink more water at work
  • Gym – I hate the gym. But my boyfriend and I are doing this new thing where we won’t allow each other to brunch Saturday morning unless we both hit the gym before. We’ve been saying we would go to the gym together for 6-8 months so this is the only method to motivate the both of us. Sad I know (lol)
  • Savings – I have to work out the exact percentage first, but I want to put more money aside after each pay cheque to purchase a home.
  • Nutrition – I used to make an apple oatmeal jar for breakfast every morning but I’ve stopped doing that for the past 6 months. I will definitely get back on that and also be sure to intake at least 2 different kinds of fruits everyday.
  • Trying something out of my comfort zone – I’m always afraid of trying something new so I’m planning on changing that this year. We’re doing something very exciting at the end of March 2018 (exciting for me!) so I can’t wait to share this with you guys. Ps. It’s not anything crazy like jumping off a plane or anything – let’s keep the expectations low lol its me we’re talking about here haha

Blogging goals:

  • Follow a schedule – I think creating new categories will help me be more inclined to follow a schedule. Sometimes it can be difficult if I’m attending a lot of tastings and not traveling as much in a particular month so I’m hoping to come up with a schedule to pace myself to ensure I can cover all 4 categories.
  • Post twice a week – I want to create a consistent posting schedule. Perhaps 1 post from 2 categories each week. (Let’s say 1 recipe post & 1 travel post in Week 1 and 1 restaurant post & lifestyle post in Week 2)
  • Twitter – Tweet at least twice a day.
  • Instagram – Post at least once a day. I like to post later in the evenings but am really bad at this especially if I have something else going on that evening. I’ve downloaded UNUM and hopefully that will encourage to post more consistently.
  • Engagement – After a long day at work, I log onto my social medias and get slightly overwhelmed with the amount of things going on  but I’m going to make an effort to dedicate my time to reply and or like every comment that across my social media platforms.
  • Emails – When life gets a bit hectic, I tend to miss blog emails and/or forget to reply. I’m going to dedicate an hour each day (maybe in the morning on the way to work / lunch time/ on the way home) to reply to PR companies / fellow blogger’s emails. I want to maintain a better relationship with everyone I work with

Thank you for taking the time to read through my 2018 goals and reflections on what I didn’t do well in 2017! I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following along my blogging adventures (whether you’ve been following since 2011 or you’ve just recently found me) – it seriously means a lot to me 🙂 I hope all of you have a great year ahead and can’t wait to share better content with you guys 🙂

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