Saturday mornings at Souk Tabule

Can’t believe summer is officially over! Makes me a little sad that the patio weather will soon disappear before us – I remember making it my summer goal to hit up a new brunch spot every weekend. I surely brunched quite a lot but have been incredibly back logged with everything happening here and there but nonetheless, its definitely but a busy and fulfilling summer.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I visited Souk Tabule for brunch out in the Canary District. The atmosphere in this eatery is quite relaxing. I can see myself grabbing a latte and tucking away in a corner to do some work with my laptop. My favourite part of the restaurant is along the back where there is a huge communal table surrounded by a wall of blue and white wall paper & natural sunlight pouring into the eatery.




  • Tossed with za’atar and drizzled in tahini



  • Roasted tomato and red pepper sauce with three local free run omega 3 soft-cooked eggs and a scoop of labni





We had a great meal at Souk Tabule. Service at this eatery falls under the “fast-casual” category. You order your meal at the counter & pay. They give you a number and will find you once your meal is prepared. Simple yet flavourful is the Basterma Egg Scramble – one of my favourites and my now must orders. The saj pita is one of the fluffliest yet softest pita I’ve had thus far. The Shakshuka is also a winner though if there was an addition of some sort of protein or even squash / potato inside the shakshuka that would have been perfect – at least for me! Nonetheless, its a great casual brunch spot if you’re ever in the east end 🙂

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