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The Canadian National Exhibition is back for its 139th edition with a True North theme with many new features and attractions that don’t want to be missed. We visited the CNE a couple of days before opening for a media preview and here are some of the highlights! First off, there is a new eight feet tall CNE sign with a Canadian maple leaf (to commemorate Canada’s 150th) will be illuminated on the west end of the Exhibition grounds near the Princess Margaret Fountain.

Highlights include a specially commissioned Unity Pole designed by Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang to celebrate Canada’s indigenous heritage, a new panoramic origami exhibit of the Canadian landscape and landmarks, a Canadian-themed Aerial Acrobatics and Ice-Skating show starring Elvis Stojko, the President’s Choice SuperDogs CanaDogs Show and a spectacular CNE Aquarama waterfront show.


Canadian figure skater, three time World Champion and two time Olympic silver medalist, Elvis Stojko, headlines as all new productions of the Aerial Acrobatics & Ice Skating Show to celebrate Canada 150! The ice skating show runs twice daily at 2pm and 5pm and is the perfect way to cool off after a fun-filled day at The Ex!


At the preview, they also opened up the carnival games for us to get a little competitive! I won a couple of stuffed animals that morning.



Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang guides us through a rich story of symbols, which begins with the turtle at the bottom and culminates with the eagle at the top of the pole. What follows is an overview of Kris’s artistic and spiritual quest for “unity” from the “bottom-up”. The components of the unity pole:

  1. Turtle
  2. Bear
  3. Otter, Loon and Fish
  4. Wolf
  5. Maple Leafs and Beaver
  6. Eagle Feather
  7. Spiral
  8. Eagle
  9. Red & Blue Painted Power Lines



Vegan Poutine

  • a concept by Dutch Frites originating from Netherlands. Each of their offerings are prepared fresh using the finest ingredients possible!


Cookie Monster & Camp Fire S’More

  • Fresh baked Chimney Cones from Chimney Stax


Chloe’s Doughnut Ice Cream

  • When a regular cone just isn’t sweet enough, stop by this new CNE concession and indulge in ice cream available in a variety of flavors, served inside a freshly baked doughnut


Tim Hortons

  • Food for $5.00 or less! Tim Hortons is offering their Timbits Poutine, M&M Donuts, M&M Cookies, M&M Iced Capp and Canada 150 Chill



Farm to Fryer

  • Farm to Fryer is back this year with more deep fried delicacies such as Deep Fried Frog Legs and Cod Tongue served with tartar sauce.
  • The Turpiggy Torpedo: deep fried pork belly and turkey with cranberry mayo and cheddar on a torpedo bun
  • Fried Mac and Curd Chimichanga: macaroni and cheese curds stuffed in a burrito shell and deep fried
  • Cheese Stuffed Doritos: marble cheddar coated in a Dorito crust and deep fried



Bacon Nation

  • Because everything is better with bacon! This year, bacon nation will debut their Pancake Bacon Tacos: fluffly buttermilkd pancakes stuffed with a combination of fried and scrambled egg, topped with tomato, green pepper, onion and maple bacon strips and drizzled with chipotle syrup.



Yatai Street Food

  • a combination of the original gangsta & alley bird
  • Original Gangsta – premium beef burger with lettuce, pickled cabbage, orange cheese and special sauce, nestled between our signature ramen noodle buns
  • Alley Bird – Japanese seasoned chicken katsu with lettuce, pickled cabbage and ninja sauce, nestle between our signature ramen noodle buns


The Carbone Pizza Nova

  • Pizza Nova is presenting their Carbone Dough Pizza at CNE this year. Carbone Dough is traditional dough infused with activated charcoal.
  • Carbone dough maintains the same great taste as our traditional white dough
  • Carbone dough has a lighter and airier texture


Double Crab Mac Burger from Fidel Gastro


Deep Fried Chicken Feet from Coco Concessions

  • Crispy chicken feet served on a stick


The Juicy Oink from Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine


Dragon’s Breath Crepe

  • The molecular chemists at Eative have concocted a way to transform CNE guests into dragons! When combined with liquid nitrogen and eaten, this crepe produces a fog-like gas that guests can blow through their nose and mouth


Strawberry Shortsteak from Philthy Philly’s


Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken – Japanese Karaage Cuisine

  • Tokyo Boxes all $9.50
  • Step 1 – Choose: Karaage (Hot Chicken), Tokyo Hot (Nashville Hot Fried Chicken), Takoyaki (Crispy Octopus Balls), Tofu (Ginger Fried)
  • Step 2 – Choose your sauce: Spicy sesame, sweet garlic



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