Our feast @ Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

When my boss asked us to pick a restaurant for our team appreciation dinner – I did little to no research and told our group we would be eating at Jacobs & Co Steakhouse 🙂 So a few months ago (January to be exact), our team ended up at Jacobs on a random weeknight after work. The service at Jacobs was the complete opposite of what I had in mind. Servers were down to earth, super friendly and attentive. However, I did find it odd that hostess table did not offer to take any of our jackets before we were shown to our table. I noticed patrons in the dining room had their jackets hanging on the back of their chairs.

Our waitress was incredibly friendly and helpful. Not knowing the large portions of appetizers and sides offered at Jacobs, our waitress didn’t hesitate at all to tell us we over ordered. This was definitely true – the appetizer & side portions are very large and generous. (see photos below)

Complimentary Bread to Start


Beef Tartar ($26.00)

  • anchovy, caper, egg yolk, truffle oil


Jacob Caesar Salad ($19.00)

  • prepared tableside


Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes ($14.00)

  • tarragon


Potato Gratin ($15.00)

  • Cheddar, Shallots


Stuffed Baked Potato ($16.00)

  • Bacon, Sour Cream, Cheddar


4oz Ribeye – Mishima Reserve Wagyu ($200.00)




Crème Brûlée ($14.00)

    • brûléed vanilla crème with fresh berries and triple chocolate biscotti


I was told prior to my visit that any ribeye on the menu is a must order so  I ordered the 4oz Ribeye – Mishima Reserve Wagyu and it was  incredibly tender. Every bite literally melted in my mouth especially the fatty ends of the ribeye. I started off dinner with the beef tartare – a whole chunk of it. Followed  by a caesar salad made table side that feeds two. I enjoyed the infamous caesar salad and but thought it was overhyped but nonetheless, it was a good starter. I also ordered a baked potato that took me 3 separate meals to finish. I can’t stress again that the appetizers and side dishes at Jacob’s are very generous in portions.

Overall I enjoyed my very first dining experience at Jacob’s but unfortunately this restaurant is not in my day to day budget so will probably return for a special occasion.

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