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When it comes to beef, the passion for ‘local’ continues to grow with 92 per cent of Canadians indicating they think it’s important to purchase local (according to a recent survey commissioned by Wendy’s® Canada). Founded on the idea of quality, Wendy’s knows that fresh tastes better, so their beef is never frozen, offering 100% pure Canada great tasting beef burgers.

Wendy’s has always offered a deliciously different experience for Canadian customers whilst providing a longstanding commitment to quality, for a unique farm to restaurant experience.

Below are some additional survey findings:

  • The majority of Canadians (93%) eat beef, and they value local beef highly
  • 92% of Canadian beef eaters indicate that it’s very important to purchase Canadian beef
  • Three out of four Canadian beef eaters believe that fresh Canadian beef tastes better than frozen beef, while one in five are undecided. On a regional level, Atlantic Canadians feel the strongest about fresh beef tasting better than frozen beef (82%), followed by Ontarians (78%).

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