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Several weeks ago, myself and Sandi (from Foodaholic Blog) ventured off to the west end of town on a Friday evening to visit The Good Fork. The Good Fork is pretty well known for their brunch offerings during the weekend. However, the restaurant is also opened for dinner service for Thursday and Friday evenings only.

Steps away from Jane Subway Station, the two story restaurant makes quite the cozy establishment. Seating along the sides of the restaurant with the kitchen along the back provides ample amount of seating for brunch and dinner service. The menu at The Good Fork changes weekly. However, I was informed that their most popular dishes remain on the menu for those regulars!


Hummus with Spiced Lamb n Chickpeas ($11.00)

  • We started off our dinner with this delicious spread of spiced lamb, chickpeas and shallots. I’m not usually one to order hummus but the addition of the spiced lamb made this pretty irresistible!


Lamb Shank Manti ($14.00)

  • spiced tomato butter, garlic yogurt, red sorrel
  • I am quite the lamb fanatic so I was quite please to see the number of lamb options on that week’s menu. Mantis are like gnocchi-dumplings. Each piece was very delicate. The flavours of the tomato butter & garlic yogurt went really well together with the lamb.
  • I could nibble on this dish for days.


Lentil & Chickpea Soup ($9.00)

  • Swiss chard, pearl onions, eggplant “meatballs” & grilled bread


Crispy Double Cooked Ribs ($12.00)

  • Pomegranate bbq sauce, white sesame, zucchini pickle
  • These crispy double cooked ribs were cooked with the perfect hint of sweet bbq sauce. The ribs itself were fall off the bone tender.
  • I highly recommend this dish


2 piece lemon fried chicken ($10.00)

  • cucumber sesame salad, lemon hot sauce, tahini ranch


Potato Dumpling ($13.00)

  • Jerusalem artichoke, pea shoots, shaved celeriac & pear sage
  • Every bite into these potato dumplings had quite the soft and pillowy texture. The addition of the shaved celeriac gave this dish a bit of contrast in terms of texture. The savoury sauce was quite delectable


Kunefe ($11.00)

  • Shredded Phyllo, ricotta, mascarpone, pistachio, rose water syrup
  • We finished off our dinner with this dessert. I’ve never indulged in a kunefe before so this was quite different. The kunefe is served warm and is sprinkled with a plethora of toppings (see image below). When you cut into this dessert, the edges are a bit crunchy because of the pan fried shredded phyllo. However, the texture towards the centre of the kunefe is a bit softer because of the mascarpone.
  • If you’re one that fancies warm desserts, this should be on your list to try




The Good Fork is located 2432 Bloor Street West (close to Jane Subway Station). They are opened Monday to Sunday  from 9am-4pm for breakfast & lunch service and brunch on weekends. Dinner service is only offered Thursday & Friday evenings from 5pm to 10pm.

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This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content.

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