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I have a slight addiction when it comes to subscription services. It’s like having a nice monthly surprise showing up at your door (that you pay for of course). When I found out that Try The World Subscription Services were coming to Canada, I was quite ecstatic!

Essentially every month, Try The World sends a fine selection of gourmet items from a different country to subscribers. Each of their Signature Boxes is curated by a distinguished chef, who helps them to select 7-8 perfect items representative of that country’s food culture. Items are sourced directly from their country of origin, and they make every effort to work with small, family-owned companies who follow traditional and artisanal methods of production. Thailand, Sweden, and France are just a few of the past countries they’ve been able to share. They encourage experience and adventures through the countries’ cuisines, so their Try The World boxes come with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipe, music, event ideas and culture spotlight.


This month’s box is the ‘Italy Box’ – curated by Chef Laura Vitale (YouTube sensation and host of Laura in the Kitchen and Cooking Channel’s Simply Laura).


Pesto Sauce by Cascina San Cassiano

  • Located in a former Benedictine abbey, Cascina San Cassiano makes this incredible pesto sauce with locally-sourced produce. Plus, their eco-friendly production line in solar-powered, the factory doesn’t generate smoke and their packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • USE IT: whisk into salad dressing; layer into sandwiches


Hazelnut Cream by Maison della Nocciola

  • Maison della Nocciola has been growing hazelnuts certified by the Italian government in piedmonte for five generations. This particular crea is named after the daughter of the current owners and contains 54% hazelnuts – close to 40% more than most spreads on the market.
  • USE IT: update a classic PB&J; spread over pancakes


Ground Coffee by Giuliano Caffe

  • This coffee blend, named “matter of taste” by Slow Food International, is roasted in small batches for over 20 minutes at a time- more than twice the length of the standard industrial process. The beans then rest for 5 days, so as to allow the aromas to fully develop.
  • USE IT: serve chilled with ice; mix with hot chocolate to make mocha


Egg Pappardelle by La Pasta di Aldo

  • Named “the finest pasta in Italy”, this pappardelle is made with just egg and flour. The owners roll the dough and hang the noodles by hand, so they retain their flavour and chewy texture. Unlik machine-made pasta, this pappardelle also has a porous surface, so the noodles hold onto sauces well.
  • USE IT: make pasta carbonara; cook pasta bolognese


The Holiday Box is curated by Chef Thomas Raquel of Michelin Restaurant – Le Bernardin, a 2016 three star Michelin restaurant in New York City.


{Left} Pain D’Epices Baking Mix by Marlette

  • Margot and Scarlette are the two sisters behind Marlette, a small French company that makes it easy to bake at home. Their pain d’epice (or “spiced bread”) is a traditional French holiday cake that’s made with freshly milled, organic flour and a variety of baking spices.
  • USE IT: bake minis in a muffin tin; serve with pate; topped with jam for breakfast

{Right} Pineapple Cake by En Luen

  • A buttery cake filled with sweet and tangy jam, pineapple cake is a ubiquitous pastry in Taiwan. In Taiwanese, pineapple is pronounced onglai, which is similar to the phrase for “the arrival and prosperity and fortune”. This hidden meaning makes it a popular gift during Lunar New Year.
  • USE IT: serve with tea; enjoy a quick breakfast; gift to a friend for good luck


Date Spread by Yoffi

  • A symbol of good luck, dates are a popular holiday food throughout the Mediterranean. This date spread is made with ripe fruit grown on a community farm in Israel, and the packaging process that follows provides working opportunities for disabled individuals in the community.
  • USE IT: make a tart; add to a cheese plate; spread onto toast.


Truffle Sauce by Giuliano Tartufi

  • In 1980, the founder of Giuliano Tartufi ventured into the forest with his grandfather and Irish setter. Thanks to his dog’s keen sense of smell, Giuliano found his very first truffle and has been making a range of truffle products, including this sauce, since that day
  • USE IT: mix into dip; spread onto crostini; fold into omelettes


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The products in the post were complimentary but remains unbiased in our content.


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