Ebisu on Queen West

Located on the busy street of Queen West, Ebisu is a newly opened Japanese Izakaya restaurant located steps away from Osgoode Station. Originally from Vancouver, Ebisu is a popular Izakaya chain that provides the perfect ambiance for numerous occasions. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick business lunch, intimate dinner, large parties (with larger tables at the back of the restaurant) or game night – Ebisu provides that fun and casual atmosphere for guests.

Ebisu also translated as Yebisu is the fisherman god of fortune and good luck. This group of Japanese restaurants belong to the Kamei Royale Restaurant Group established over 40 years ago by Toshiaki Masuda. Ebisu Toronto has a trendy modern design with large high definition and projection Tvs. The larger communal tables and TVs located towards the back of the restaurant are designed for guests that want to come in and enjoy sport games with friends. The furniture from the walls to the floor all follow an exposed wooden theme.

Last week, we were invited to visit Ebisu for dinner during their soft opening. Some of the items we tried that evening weren’t available on their dinner menu as they were still going through testing phase. However, everything is now available as shown in their picture menu on their website. Please enjoy this sneak preview post of Ebisu from their soft opening. I’ll be sure to include a more thorough review once I revisit them after grand opening!


Sake Sampler ($9.00)

  • Izumi Toronto Sake Sampler
  • From left to right: Sake Sangria, Nama Nama, Teion Sakura
  • The sake sampler is quite the steal! Sampling 3 different types of Izumi for $9.00 – my favourite was the Sake Sangria


Maccha (Green Tea) Cocktails ($8.95)

  • I’m usually hesitant about milk based drinks infused with alcohol. I enjoyed this one strong maccha flavours with subtle alcohol taste. It definitely kicks in after a few sips


Ramune High Ball ($8.95)


Salmon Motoyaki Battera Sushi ($12.50)

  • Ebisu offers 3 types of seared boxed sushi on their dinner menu.
  • The boxed sushi is seared right at your table by the waitress – I personally preferred if all the boxed sushi were torched a lot longer


Hamachi (Yellowtail) Jalapeno Battera ($13.95)

  • Ebisu offers 3 types of seared boxed sushi on their dinner menu.
  • The boxed sushi is seared right at your table.


Saba (Mackeral) Miso Battera ($11.50)

  • Ebisu offers 3 types of seared boxed sushi on their dinner menu.
  • The boxed sushi is seared right at your table.
  • My favourite was the saba seared boxed sushi


Teppan Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) $6.95

  • Served in a skillet – each order contains 6 Octopus Balls

Cajun Tuna Tacos ($7.50)


BBQ Beef Short Rib ($9.95)

  • The beef short ribs are served cooked but heated on a small hibachi



Chowder Pot Pie ($8.95)

  • This creamy soup is served with a pastry layer covering the bowl with lots of seafood bits inside


Oyster Motoyaki Gratin ($9.50)

  • One of my favourite items of the evening – oyster and mushrooms baked together served with a few slices of perfectly toasted bread



Real Crab Rainbow Roll (4pc $7.95 / 8pc $13.95)


Spicy Sashimi ($8.95)


Miso Ramen ($10.95)



Pork Cutlet Curry ($12.95)


Ebisu is located at 204 Queen Street West. They currently offer both lunch and dinner service. The ramen set lunch menu is quite a steal offering ramen + mini don + featured appetizer of the day ranging from $13.50 – $16.50. They also serve Japanese style curries and also offering appetizers and salads. Ebisu‘s dinner menu offers a galore of tapa dishes separate into vegetable, seafood, meat, sashimi, seared box sushi, rolls, soup & salad and hot stone rice bowls. In addition to the tapa dishes, Ebisu also serves ramen & udon noodle during dinner service. For further details about the menu, please visit their website:

Ebisu Toronto || Instagram|| Facebook


This meal was complimentary but Foodinthecitytoronto.com remains unbiased in our content.


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