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Jal Gua Cafe (Facebook: Jal Gua / Twitter: @GalGuaProducts / Instagram: @JalGua) recently opened over on Queen East serving a range of Organic Coffee, Superfood Wraps, Salads and Miracle Juices, which include a hint of Jal Gua. Jal Gua (meaning “walk in peace” or “walk in power”) is an instant powder super food created by former child soldier and international hip hop artist Emmanual Jal.

Jal Gua contains a blend of two staple African ingredients: organic Sorghum and Organic Maringa. Jal Gua is high in Iron and an excellent source of Vitamin C containing 7 essentials nutrients: Iron, Copper, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Fiber and Calcium. Jal Gua is made of organic ingredients. It is a gluten free product, processed naturally with no chemicals and no preservative.


Emmanuel Jal launched Jal Gua a superfood powder for Vegans, Vegetarians and health conscious individuals. Jal Gua was launched last September through a highly successful Kickstarter Campaign and is now distributed through Pilling Foods to over 40 stores across Ontario including Whole Foods, Nature’s Emporium, Herbs and Nutrition and Sobeys.

As Emmanuel was traveling the world performing on tour, acting and speaking: his blood pressure began to spike and also showed early symptoms of diabetes partnered with intense fatigue. In order to combat these ailments he developed Jal Gua and the results were tremendous. His blood pressure lowered, he had energy to perform and felt revitalized and rejuvenated.


Fireballs ($2.00 each)


Breakfast Wrap Combo ($7.00)

  • Wrap + Coffee / Tea



Hot Chocolate ($4.00)


Jal Gua is your ultimate organic, gluten free, vegan cafe if you’re in the Queen East area. The day I visited this cafe, they hosted a breakfast session where they invited a few motivational speakers or individuals to share with patrons some of their life experiences. The stories were quite personal and the meaning behind these stories were incredibly powerful and meaningful. Stay tuned on their website to see upcoming sessions.

For those interested in the health benefits for Moringa and Sorghum, please see the images below!

This meal was complimentary but Foodinthecitytoronto.com remains unbiased in our content


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