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For the past week I’ve been busy testing out GLAD’s Protection Products and the results are finally in! GLAD (Facebook: Glad Products / Twitter: @GladProducts / Instagram: @GladProducts) has a wide-range of food protection products that helps with staying organized in the kitchen. From maximizing storage space in the fridge to helping preserve left over meals, GLAD definitely helps food stay fresher for longer!

I was kindly sent a galore of GLAD Protection Products. I decided to put these products to a test after prepping my week’s worth of lunch on a Sunday evening. Different GLAD Products serve different purposes. I stored all my chopped vegetables / salad condiments for the week in GLAD containers which included tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, sunflower seeds, raisins etc. My apple oats pots were stored in mason jars that were sealed tightly with GLAD protection products. Leftovers were stored in BPA-free containers and remaining uncooked items were sealed in GLAD zipper bags.

GLAD Cling Wrap

  • Keep food fresher; longer with tight-hugging GLAD Cling Wrap! This plastic wrap is easy to handle and microwave-safe, so you can defrost or reheat food as you please. Expect the tightest possible seal for the freshest food ever.


  • Half n’ Half Test: I had sliced an avocado in half and left one half with GLAD Cling Wrap (left) and the other half unwrapped (right) for a week – see the results below!

  • As I mentioned above, I like to prepare my  week’s worth lunch on Sundays. Its easier to prepare everything in one big batch – leave it packaged nicely in the fridge and conveniently grab in as I head out for work every morning.

GLAD Soup & Salad Containers

  • GladWARE Soup & Salad Containers are the perfect size for storing leftovers or packing generous servings of favourite soups, stews, salads and sides. As always, these sturdy plastic containers with lids are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • The GLAD soup & salad containers leave my lunches fresh everyday!


GLAD Mini Round

  • Conquer kitchen clutter with GladWare Containers. This mini plastic food storage container features a tight sealing lid to help lock in freshness and prevent messy leaks. And as always, its microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. The Mini Round size comes in a pack of eight 1/2 cup (118ml) containers with lid
  • I packaged my salad condiments in these mini round containers – from fresh tomatoes, cucumbers to dry raisin and sunflower seeds – these mini containers were the perfect size to store my condiments. It does not take a lot of space & stacks really well in the fridge.

GLAD FreezerWare Containers

  • Freeze. Heat. Serve. GLAD FreezerWare containers are BPA-free, resist cracking and lock in freshness for weeks to months at a time. Interlocking lids help seal in freshness and prevent messy leaks
  • We made too much potato salad for the week and decided to save it for the following week. We packaged our potato salad into GLAD FreezerWare container.

GLAD Storage Zipper Bags Medium

  • These resealable bags are the perfect, no-hassle solution to leftovers. GLAD Food Storage Zipper Bags feature an extra wide seal that locks tight every time, so you can keep items fresh in your fridge of kitchen cabinet


GLAD Press’nSeal Wrap

  • Unlike traditional cling film and plastic wrap, Press ‘n Seal wrap actually seals to multiple surfaces including glass, wood and plastic. In an instant, you can create custom shaped bags to store and freeze food in individual portions, and it goes from the freezer to the microwave with no problems at all.

Every evening I prepare my apple oats pot breakfast for the morning after. I used GLAD Press ‘n Seal Wrap. It works like magic as the plastic literally contains all the contents inside (including milk). The plastic is a bit thicker than your average plastic wrap.

GLAD’s wide range of food protection products no doubt helps to stay organized in the kitchen. From maximizing storage space in the fridge to helping preserve left over meals, GLAD definitely helps food stay fresher for longer.

I’ve put GLAD products to the test and now its your turn! =)


This is a sponsored post but remains unbiased in our content.


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