TSUJIRI’s first ever location outside of Asia!

For all the matcha lovers out there – brace yourselves as Tsujiri is finally opening its door to the public TODAY for their soft opening! This is their first ever location outside of Asia and lucky for us they chose to open in the heart of downtown Toronto. Tsujiri (Twitter: @TSUJIRI_GLOBAL / Instagram: @TSUJIRI_GLOBAL) is a Japanese Chain first established back in the 1860. They are dedicated to serve the best quality green tea by using the traditional grinding method to bring out the best aroma and flavour. The consumption of green tea is known to having soothing effects and health benefits.

I had the opportunity to sample menu items & speak with the one of the two managers, Tylor Shek, of the Tsujiri Toronto location who is beyond excited to show the Toronto audience his love & knowledge for everything matcha. He takes great pride in the quality of their authentic products while keeping its consistency with other locations across Asia. In order to captivate the Toronto audience whilst still staying true to their products, this particular location includes a feature menu item such as the O-Matcha Whipped Cream Maple Syrup & Salt Latte (shown below) 

Tsujiri Toronto, located few stores east of Sansotei Ramen on Dundas (Closest TTC exit: St. Patrick Station) finally opens its door to the public today (Sunday, March 6th) for their soft opening – followed by the grand opening one month later. The small yet cozy shop provides 6 high seats with a traditional tatami room at the back of the restaurant. While the price range leans slightly to the higher side, Tylor assures the quality and ingredients used are the finest source in order to meet the Tsujiri standard. With the exception of the milk & iced used, every little or big ingredient at Tsujiri Toronto is sourced from Japan.

The menu is divided into several sections:

  • O-Matcha
  • Tea
  • Latte
  • Ice Blended
  • Floats
  • Sundae
  • Ice Cream
  • Shaved Ice
  • Pastries

The left side of the menu is consider the “traditional” side of the menu whereby no sugar content is used at all. Therefore producing a natural aroma of the green tea. In other words, the left side of the menu may be slightly “bitter” to some people. As you work your way towards the right side of the menu, there is light sugar added or simply the addition of milk to make the product more tastier.

You will notice below each menu item I have listed a # beside it. This # represents the number that will appear on the menu. Another thing to mention is that the prices for some of the Sundaes/ Shaved Ice/ Floats I’ve listed below are in ranges. This is because depending on what flavour of Sundae (matcha, vanilla or mix of the 2), it maybe slightly pricer than the other.

(#38) Chiffon Cake Sundae ($7.00-$7.50)

(#36) Tsujiri Sundae – Matcha ($7.00-$7.50)

  • The cookie in this Sundae is made from Sakura flowers. The Sakura cookie has a sour taste that pairs well with the matcha Sundae
  • Out of everything sampled, I think I enjoyed this item the most mainly because it contains everything I’m craving for in a little cup with the Sakura cookie, soft sundae and crunchy bits to give this cup a bit of textural contrast.

(#41) Uji Kintoki ($6.50)

($40) Tsujiri Shaved Ice ($7.50-$8.00)

($29) TSUJIRI Float (2 sizes: $5.75-$7.00)

(#6) Genmaicha (M: $3.75 L:$4.00)

(#39) Tsujiri Soft Ice Cream ($4.75-$5.75)

(#1) O-Matcha ($4.50)

(#3) Yuzu O-Matcha ($4.75)

Individual Products / Tea Boxed Sets are also available for purchase.

We were shown a demonstration of how O-Matcha Traditional Green Teas are made.

(#1) O-Matcha ($4.50)

{Right} (#24) Houjicha Ice Blended (S: $6.00 M: $6.50)
{Left} (#25) Houjicha Milk Ice Blended (S: $6.50 M:$7.00)

  • Right has no milk content which brings out the natural subtle bitterness of green tea

O-Matched Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup & Salt Latte (M: $6.25 L: $6.75)

  • Exclusive for Toronto menu

(#37) Shiratama Sundae ($7.50-$8.00)

(#9) Yuzu Sencha (M: $3.75 L: $4.00)

  • I asked for this to be served hot and really enjoyed it. The yuzu in the tea brings out the natural sweetness (no sugar content added)

(#43) Uji Sunrise ($14.00)

  • This shaved ice mountain contains mochi and azuki filling!

I put my medium sized latte beside this shaved ice to give you an idea of how ridiculously large this item is. Ideally served for 2-3 people. Dine in only.

Unfortunately I was unable to take interior shots of the shop as it was still undergoing its final touches for the Soft Opening. Nonetheless, this is the ultimate place to get your matcha fix. Please keep in mind this is a sneak preview post. I will definitely be back a few months after grand opening for another visit to write up a formal blog post.
Tsujiri will open 7 days a week from 11AM – 10PM.


This meal was complimentary but Foodinthecitytoronto.com remains unbiased in our content.

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    Haha, stalking your blog and your Tsujiri post as I write mine to be posted up later tonight! 😀

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