Get ready to Greek Out!

The newest flavour from Hidden Valley® has officially hit stores and is now available in grocery stores across Canada! Lovers of Mediterranean food – its your time to rejoice! Hidden Valley® has come out with their new Greek Tzatsiki Dressing and Dip Mix – both dressing and dip mix are full of authentic Greek flavour. The creamy and zesty flavours combined to make the perfect topping for a crunch Greek salad of fresh-off-the-grill kebab.

Tzatziki is a sweet-and-savoury sauce traditionally used in Greek cuisine. Use it to add an element of creaminess to sandwiches, salad and soups, or temper the heat of your favorite spicy dish. In an instant, Hidden Valley® Greek Tzatziki dressing can add a whole new layer of flavour to a wide range of foods, including

  • Greek salad
  • Fresh cut veggies
  • Whole wheat pita
  • Rack of lamb
  • Chicken kebabs

My mom and I hit the grocery store bright early on a Saturday morning and came back with some fresh raspberries, blueberries and an avocado. We thought it would be a nice change for us personally to use spinach instead of our traditional iceberg lettuce. After we quickly rinsed everything we lightly drizzled the salad with the Greek Tzatziki dressing.

We thought it would be nice to buy a rack of lamb. After rinsing the raw meat, we popped it into the oven for about 25 minutes at about 400 °F (depending on the size of the lamb and how you like it cooked).
The lamb came sizzling out of the oven- we finished it off by dipping it into the tzatziki sauce. I’ve never tried dipping lamb into any sauce just because I enjoy the natural aroma of lamb. However, it was a nice change to try it with something zesty and creamy. The sauce complimented the lamb really well.

Hidden Valley® Greek Tzatziki dressing and dip mix is now available in grocery stores across Canada!


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