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Over the past 2 years of working in the financial district, I’ve had my fair share of experience with catering events at work lunches, presentation and meetings etc. But none of them can compare to what I recently and unexpectedly experienced few weeks back. Thank you to Elle Cuisine + Team for inviting me to this exclusive tasting – I had no idea how much I was missing out!

Elle Cuisine  (@ElleCuisineTO) is a private catering company owned by Chef Lauren Mozer. She brings a distinctive culinary style to every bite, inspired by classical French cooking and made exceptional by her quest to add indulgent delights and fresh flavours to every dish; from a simple soup to succulent confit.

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  • Lobster & Corn Chowder, butter poached lobster & crab, Ontario peas, leeks, shallots, smoked paprika oil, pea shoots


  • Goat milk’s ricotta ravioli, roasted cherry & grape tomatoes, tomato dust, confit tomatoes, Sicilian olives, fried tomato skin, tomato butter, micro basil



  • 65-day aged rib eye basted in smoked butter lemony bearmaise, potato crisp, summer asparagus


  • Spiced dark chocolate ganache, S’more brownie, homemade graham cracker, torched vanilla marshmallow, Ontario blueberry ice cream, sponge toffee dust

Bailey’s Iced Coffee

There was not one thing I didn’t enjoy about this tasting. Every course from top to bottom was simply divine! I had never a “catering type” tasting like this one and is definitely worth checking out. If you made me pick the one thing I enjoyed most about this tasting, it would be the first course – the lobster soup. Chunks of lobster bits and pieces embedded on a rich and creamy soup – my taste buds were really blown away. Loved it!


This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content


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