TIFF Dinner @ LUMA

It’s that time of the year again – TIFF 2014 is happening again from Sept 4 – 14, 2014. And what better way to stalk your favourite celebrities then to pay a visit to LUMA (@OliverBonacini) (located inside TIFF) in hopes to “accidentally” bump into a celebrity. With no reservations made on  a Friday evening, I was utterly surprised we still managed to grab a table in the lounge area.

Chimichurri Shrimp Tacos ($15.00)

  • cherry tomatoes, charred corn and avocado
  • a delicious starter for the evening – the heat of these shrimp tacos doesn’t kick in until the very last bite.

photo 3

Lobster Salad ($22.00)

  • butter lettuce, roasted corn, avocado, smoked bacon, sweet onion and tarragon buttermilk dressing

photo 2

Steak Frites ($34.00)

  • wellington county strip loin, five onion gravy, northern woods mushrooms and truffle parmesan fries

photo 4

Seared Scallops ($30.00)

  • curried cauliflower, kamut cashew pilaf and raisin jam

Brasied Rabbit Cavatelli ($26.00)

  • swiss chard, zucchini, peas, asparagus, and kale pesto
  • This was my entree for the evening and It wasn’t intentional that I tried to order something healthy. In fact, whenever I dine out I pretty much go all out. So it was unexpected that I enjoyed this healthy pasta. Despite the fact that there’s so much green in this dish, the kale pesto, zucchini peas, asparagus really went well together. The cavatelli were cooked perfectly and paired perfectly with the braised rabbit.

Truffle Parmesan Fries ($9.00)

  • How can you NOT order a side of truffle parmesan fries as a side to go with your healthy pasta right?

LUMA Chocolate Bar ($10.00)

  • soft dark chocolate, banana and peanut butter ice cream

Steamed Banana Pudding ($9.00)

  • burnt marshmallow ice cream
  • Honestly, any dessert menu that contains “burnt marshmallow ice cream” literally screams out at me and the foodie in me MUST order it
  • This dessert was no exception and LOVED it. The steamed banana pudding served hot was so soft and pillowy – contrasted so well with the ever so slightly burnt marshmallow ice cream and banana slices.

I like my spontaneous visits to LUMA. I don’t visit LUMA too often not because I don’t enjoy my  visits but there’s just so many choices in the King West area. But when I do get a chance to visit LUMA, their seasonally changing menu always lures me to enjoy my comfort foods.


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  1. andy1076
    September 20, 2014 / 10:18 pm

    Food looks absolutely awesome! especially the desserts 😉

    • Grace
      September 20, 2014 / 10:21 pm

      burnt marshmallow ice cream is a must!!!!

      • andy1076
        September 20, 2014 / 10:29 pm

        I am already craving! never tried it :O

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