Dessert Tasting @ Richmond Station

Richmond Station (@richmondstn) has always been on my radar of the many restaurants to visit in Toronto but just never found the opportunity to visit. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I found out my friend Carmen from (@carmenhungry) is the pastry cook there! Pretty cool stuff to be working under the wing of Top Chef Canada’s winner Carl Heinrich right? So of course, we had to make our way over to the Richmond station to witness all the exciting action!

My friend Andrew (@aneb) made reservations for us to be seated at the Chef’s Table. Honestly, if every restaurant had a chef’s table, there the only place I want to be seated. It’s incredibly inspiring to watch chefs perform their magic.

Scallop Ceviche ($11.00)

  • corn chips, lime, sweet corn, sriracha aioli
  • The scallop bits sported a wonderful combination of fresh and light and the tang of the cured flavour was further highlighted by the lime and sweet corn – contrasted with crispy corn chips

Station Burger ($20.00)

  • lettuce, beet chutney, aged cheddar, milk bun, rosemary fries, bread & butter pickles

  • The juicy moist Angus was covered in ooey gooey aged cheddar, sandwiched by a very soft milk bun, accompanied with bright green lettuce, beet chutney. It was really good and incredibly more-ish. The crinkle cut fries were crunchy and golden but may have been slightly leaning on the salty side.

Here comes a galore of desserts: My highlights of the evening were the saffron pudding and the strawberries and shortcake. Whether it was the delicately plated dish, taste and contrast of textures – everything hit spot on for me! I can still taste the light and custardy texture of the saffron pudding contrasted with the crunch bits and pieces of pastachios! It was an amazing ending to the meal.

Saffron Pudding ($9.00)

  • rosewater shebet, nokhodchi, plums, pastachios

Blueberry Corn Cake ($9.00)

  • corn panna cotta, tarragon, coconut, mint, blueberry sorbet

Chocolate Mousse ($9.00)

  • peatmonster ice cream, cherries, rye twigs, hazelnuts

Penny Candy Eclair ($9.00)

  • with Peach Cream, Strawberry Sorbet, Almonds, Strawberry Wafer Lemon, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry Jelly

Strawberries and Shortcake

*This dish was complimentary but remains unbaised*

  • with Lemon Curd, Hibiscous, Puffed Tapioca, Blueberry Cream

We pretty much ordered everything from their dessert menu IN ADDITIONAL to their special dessert of the evening on the chalkboard. Pastry Chef Farzam Fallah mentioned to us they have an official dessert tasting every so often. Whenever that may be… I’m definitely in!


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  1. andy1076
    September 1, 2014 / 7:23 pm

    I enjoy sitting at the chef table too, there’s something about watching your food being made that so adds to the flavor, it all looks great! 🙂

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