Summerlicious @ Shibui Robata Bar

After visiting Shibui Robata Bar (@ShibuiRobata) for the first time at their opening launch party few weeks ago (see blog post here) – I just couldn’t wait to be back! Since they only recently opened, I was totally ecstatic to find out they were taking part in Summerlicious (July 4-20) this year! There’s not much to say as the pictures pretty much speak for itself. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed each course from the salad to the maki’s and wow the lamb I opted for my main was amazing! Cooked perfectly – a little bit fatty but melt-in-your mouth good!

5 Courses for $25? Totally crazy!

STARTERCrispy Rice with Salmon/Tuna

  • pan seared sushi rice

STARTER: Kinoko Salad (vegetarian)

  • Soba noodle, Japanese mushroom, ponzu dressing

SUSHI ROLLPirikara Ebi Maki

  • crispy fried shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, chili mayo sauce

SUSHI ROLL: Shibui Salmon Maki

  • spicy salmon, tempura flakes, salmon on top


  • spicy Korean miso glaze

ROBATA GRILLED VEGETABLESSweet Potato (vegetarian)

  • red miso sauce


  • yuzu garlic aioli

ROBATA GRILLED VEGETABLES: Cremini Mushrooms (vegetarian)

  • teriyaki sauce


DESSERTPetit Gateau (Chocolate Cake)

DESSERT: Passion Fruit Mousse (vegetarian)

Do yourself a favour and check this place out! Amazing deal for what its worth!

Price: $25 + tax + gratuity



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