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You know you’re in a for a tasty treat when you walk through the doors of Sukho Thai (@Sukhothaifood) on a Friday evening and there’s a galore of people waiting to be fed. Thankfully, we made reservations in advance so we just pushed through the crowds to be seated.

I’ve been to Sukho Thai on Parliament and also to their sister restaurant Khao san road. Loved everything coming out of their kitchen!  With all that in mind, I was tres excited for our food to come 🙂

Here’s a picture I took almost to closing on a Friday evening… with all the tables still fully occupied!

Thai Iced Tea ($4.00)

  • A very sweet and refreshing drink that I devoured after a few sips. Keeping in mind this may be a tad to sweet for those that can’t handle overly “sweetened” items
  • Tasty like a sweeter version of a Hong Kong style milk tea!

Crispy Spring Rolls ($6.00)

  • These are the second orders of crispy rolls that we ordered because everyone couldn’t get enough of these pretty darn good spring rolls during the first round
  • served incredibly Hot & crispy – the stuffing was amazing and we all felt that it was definitely the mashed taro that brought the appetizer together

Close up shot:

Thai Fried Rice ($12.00)

  • choice of chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp (shrimp option is $1 extra)

Guaytiaw sukhoTHAI ($10.00)

  • Thai noodle soup w/ choice of chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp (shrimp option is $1 extra)

Sukho Pad Thai with Shrimp ($14.00)

  • I inhaled this Pad Thai quick and easy – they do it SO well!
  • The sauce was spot on – a good amount of bite, fragrant with the prawn, beansprouts & peanuts crunchy & unique taste of the bits and pieces of cilantro

Khao Soi ($14.00)

  • yellow noodles in curry gravy w/ chicken or beef

Tapioca with coconut milk ($4.00)

  • The coconut milk was delicious – the temperature was slightly cooler than what we expected.
  • Loved the tapioca bits drowned in the creamy and strong aromatic coconut milk

Sukho Thai serves amazing authentic Thai Food. Whether its the fried rice or the Khao Soi – everything is spot on & I’ve never left the restaurant feeling disappointed.  I know I can always count on their tasty & hearty Pad thai’s to satisfy my cravings! Do yourself a favour and make this at the top of your list!


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