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The Kathi Roll Express (TKRE) (@TKREToronto) is home of Indian Street Food inspired by vendors, food trucks and of course, Street Food. For those that have never quite heard of Kathi Rolls; they are one of the oldest street foods that originated from the British era. Sumit Kohil, owner of TKRE opened this restaurant last year to share with Torontonians his take on Kathi Rolls – well, plus a little modern twist to it 🙂

The main eating area is very colourful – very “street food”  themed – graffiti on the wall, colourful chairs and a large screen that was showing a soccer game on the evening I visited

The Kathi Rolls are made fresh everyday – actually their made on this enormous pan. The dough is the base layer – coded with an additional layer of egg and finally your choice of meat / veggies that is seasoned on the fryer on the far left side and then wrapped up in the enormous pan!

How this works is you order your food first at the counter – then you take a seat while the food is being prepared – they bring the food to you and pay you at the counter afterwards

Previously, TKRE hosted 2 media events in the past months that I was unable to attend – the first one showcasing their menu and the other being a Butter Chicken Festival. Fortunately, Sumit had extended the invitation again to show me their latest change on the menu!

Mango Lassi ($2.99)

Sumit picked out a selection of customer’s favourites for me to try!

Chicken Tikka Mexican Style

  • bbq’d chicken marinated in Mexican spices & chipotle pepper

Mutton Tikka Roll (Goat)

  • cubed boneless bbq’d mutton, marinated in ginger, garlic  & papaya

Shami Kabob (Lamb)

  • Minced Lamb, spices, raw red onions

From not having any Kathi rolls before this experience, I can say I quite enjoyed the rolls. They are not messy to eat and quite affordable. From the freezing cold weather going on, I actually quite appreciated the warm Kathi rolls wrapped in the tin foil served hot. My favourite of the evening was the Chicken Tikka Mexican Style roll – the spices really bombarded my taste buds; chicken was juicy and not dry. However, the mutton (goat) which was probably cooked really thoroughly was leaning towards the dry side for me. For my drinks, I sampled a very delicious mango lassi – which is essentially a mango smoothie; very sweet, thick and refreshing. The owner told me that over the summer, they would sell buckets of these mango lassi everyday! (I’m not surprised at all)


This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content

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