Winterlicious @ Hot House Cafe

Last year I left Hot House Cafe (@HotHouseTO) after my Summerlicious Lunch (see post here) with such a great impression that I decided to bring a few friends along with me this time to check out their Winterlicious Lunch! Their 3 course lunch menu is set at just $15 and dinner for $25 – amazing deal for great comfort food. It just so happened during the time we visited, they had the Olympic games playing in the background to get their guests on their feet!

Louisiana Crab cake with Chili-Lime Aioli

  • crab cake fried to a golden brown served with a tangy aioli sauce and crispy shrimp chips on mixed greens

Soup (choice of either our famous Tomato Basil (vegetarian) or Chef’s selection of the day)

  • Clam Chowder was absolutely delicious – served boiling hot and creamy. Every sip had chunks and chunks of seafood and potatoes.
  • Hot House Cafe certainly did not skimp out on ingredients

Italian Veal Sandwich

  • veal cutlet lightly breaded and pan fried, smothered in our house made tomato sauce, topped with balsamic caramelized onions, grilled banana peppers and fontina cheese, served with hot house fries
  • I stole a fry every here and there – served crispy and hot. I particularly liked how the fries did have some but not too much salt

Smoked Chicken Cannelloni

  • smoked chicken and goat cheese stuffed cannelloni baked in a tomato cream sauce and topped with fontina cheese
  • This was my oh-so-guilty-heavy-indulgent! I normally don’t prefer goat cheese but I’ve come to realize that if its baked then the taste is subtle
  • Every bite was filled with steaming chicken and melted goat cheese with stringy fontina cheese all wrapped inside a soft layer of cannelloni

Wild Boar Bolognese

  • a rich and hearty bolognese simmered slowly with cabernet sauvignon, italian tomatoes and fresh herbs, tossed with tagliatelle pasta and finished with parmesan reggiano
  • 3 of the 6 peole ordered this wild boar bolognese and had nothing but nice reactions to the pasta!
  • fresh herbs, lightly sauced without being dry


  • a duo of refreshing sorbet

Chocolate Pot de Crème

  • silky, smooth and delicious
  • I had ordered the sorbet but ended up eating the chocolate pot de creme because it was unexpectedly delicious!
  • Last year, the dessert I opted for was too sweet so I thought sorbet would have been safe
  • The chocolate pot de creme was rich yet not heavy, creamy but not completely thick – of all the chocolate pots de creme I’ve had, this was rather a lighter version and not as sweet as I had expected!

I think my three courses this time around was even better than my previous Licious experience! It was a prefect paced meal with every course from beginning to end being very hearty. For the priced paid, I thought it was a really good deal – we all left incredibly full and satisfied. I will certainly come back again for a 3rd visit in the summer!

Price: $15 + tax + gratuity


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