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It was my dad’s birthday a few weeks ago so I decided to take my parents out to Toronto just because they never leave Oakville. Not implying theres anything wrong with Oakville but they’ve just been couped up for too long so I thought it would be nice to take them somewhere they don’t go too often.

I decided to take my parents out to St. Lawrence Market and ended up having lunch at Buster’s Sea Cove. My dad doesn’t like his foods to be fancy and prefers it to be deep fried. So when we were walking around St. Lawrence Market I suggested Buster’s Sea Cove.

Although there seems to be a  galore of people waiting to order, waiting for their food, waiting to be seated & eating (at the very few tables)- everything seemed to move along fairly quickly. We waited less than 5 minutes to order and waited less than 5 minutes for my food and found a nice picnic table outside the Market and enjoyed our food under the sun!

The special of that day was the Lobster Roll for $15. We decided to opt for other things from their menu.

Lobster Bisque ($5.25 – Small)

  • My mom instantly knew she wanted the Lobster Bisque. It was indeed thick and creamy.
  • Flavours here were very bold but a bit too concentrated for my liking. However, you could feel the bits and pieces of lobster in the bisque

Calamari ($8.95)

  • These literally came right out of the fryer. Served hot and crispy. So incredibly addicting.

Crabcake Sandwich ($8.95)

  • The crabcake sandwich was pretty good – The toppings consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions – that were a great combination. However, the crabcakes itself were a bit softer and doughy then my normal preference.
  • The crabcake sandwich also comes with a side of coleslaw – which were buried underneath the sandwich.

Boston Blue Fish & Chips ($9.95)

  • Came with 4 pieces of fish served with lots of fries. The Boston blue fishes were fried to a nice colour. We didn’t feel like we need to dip our fish into ketchup or tartar sauce for more flavours.
  • We could taste that the chips had been left out for a bit (probably made in big batches) because there weren’t as hot or crispy as the calamari.

 Buster Sea Cove is a very affordable place to grab the freshest seafood.  My parents really enjoyed themselves but wasn’t a big fan of hovering and waiting around for seats. We ended up sitting outside the market under the sun. It was burning down on us that day – not an ideal way to eat for us.    My dad mentioned he really wanted to try the seafood platter next time, so of course we’ll come back but perhaps we’ll come really early or really late to avoid the crowd. In fact, I’m more looking forward to the fried calamari which is served in a take out box anyways. I could easily grab it and go! 🙂 

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