Bellwoods Brewery

Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) is a microbrewery that opened mid last year. Located, on the Ossington Strip, Bellwoods is a venue that pretty much focuses on experimenting flavourful beers along with some tapas style dishes to compliment the drinks.
A bunch of us girls met up for dinner to check out the brewery!

The restaurant is literally situated in a garage type building. The “garage door” closes towards evening when it gets a bit chilly.

We waited upstairs for the rest of the party to arrive and got a fabulous view of the brewery from above.

{Left} Witchshark IIPA (9% APV, 8.5) – which is their strongest beer
{Right} Farmhouse Saison (6% APV, 7.5) – which is considered to be “sweeter” beer

We literally ordered one of everything on the menu, below are the snacks that were shared amongst all of us:

Pig Heart ($4.00)

  •  Serrano hot sauce

Wheat Kernels ($9.00)

  • hen of the woods, chickweed

Potato ($3.00)

  •  warm anchovy mayo

Lamb Tongue ($4.00)

  •  walnut, raisin

Raw Beef & Sour Vegetables ($10.00)

Crispy Pork ($9.00)

  •  pea shoots, rehydrated peanuts, mustard sauce

Cucumber ($3.00)

  •  paprika, garlic

Duck ($15.00)

  • – hop shoots, beet

The girls including myself thought the extensive drink list were excellent, food was alright but left the restaurant a bit unsatisfied. We visited Bellwoods Brewery with an expectation of a full meal but then soon realized this relaxing eatery was a place to simply grab a few snacks with drinks after work. I will keep this place in mind when I’m in a tapas mood!

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