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Before my trip to Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of attending a tasting menu at &Co Resto Bar (@AndCoRestoBar), located in Mississauga, just steps from Square One Shopping Mall.

&Company Resto Bar is a trendy, “New-American” inspired supper club that also happens to be the only rooftop patio in the city. They’re a unique kind of resto in that they transition their venue from dining to nightlife. Marketing Manager, Lien Tran had invited a bunch of media outlets that evening to show case Chef Lussier’s brand new spring offerings!

The menu was 2 pages – seemed like a simple read but my cousin & I were pretty overwhelmed by choice. So our waiter ended up recommending some highlights for us!

Right: Sangria – Red wine, cheery brandy and fresh seasonal fruit ($7.5)

My cousin and I shared the following appetizers:

Little Italy Flatbread ($13.00)

  • A classic thin crust flatbread with a home-style tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and torn basil
  • The flatbread was my favourite appetizer of the evening.  It was served piping hot with melted parmesan cheese on a very thin layer of flatbread.
  • A very hot &  tasty appetizer that I kept on going back to that evening.

Lobster Tacos ($19.00)

  • Garlic buttered lobster tails with pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, shredded lettuce and cheddar, served with sour cream and guacamole
  • 3 large tacos were served for our 2nd app – generous portions of lettuce and cilantro stuffing the taco
  • These weren’t you average lobster bits and pieces but rather a legit lobster tail – Despite the portions, my cousin & I thought the lobster tasted a bit bland.

&Co. Sliders ($14.00)

  • Cheddar stuffed and BBQ dry-rubbed patties with chipotle ranch, crispy shallots, lettuce and tomato and shoe string fries.
  • The Shoe String fries, although served a bit warm, were very addicting. The Sliders were a bit spicy for my low-tolerance self but was very juicy and meaty.

Before our mains were served, a sudden performance of  burlesque dancers appeared in front of us that definitely drew that  crowd’s attention.

Mains we shared:

Penne Jambalaya ($19.00)

  • Our spin on a Creole classic. Made with chicken, shrimp and spicy chorizo sausage tossed in a Sambucca Cajun cream sauce

Surf and Turf ($29.00)

  • Lemon garlic buttered Atlantic lobster tail on a mango fennel slaw and 6oz top sirloin on pearl onion jus, served with a double cheese baked potato, scallions asparagus and crispy shallots

Closer shot: Although the steak was cooked medium rare, it was a bit tough to get through. The outer layer of the steak was cooked really well – a little burnt making it very hard to cut & chew.

Brown & Cookie Stack ($10.00)

  • White chocolate fudge brownie and dark chocolate cookie tower with caramel, strawberries and vanilla ice cream

All in all, my favourite course of the meal were the appetizers. The flatbread and sliders were cooked to perfection. Every dish presented to us had generous amount of portions especially the apps. I checked out the prices on the menu and think its quite reasonable.

Just when we were about finished with dinner, the venue started transforming into a night scene. Most of the tables were moved for the dance floor, booths were opened for bottle service. The DJ slowly adjusted the volume from dining to night life. It’s actually pretty convenient if you want to grab dinner and enjoy a night out at the same venue!

This meal was complimentary but Foodinthecitytoronto.com remains unbiased in our content.

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  1. Aaron Lains
    October 24, 2014 / 2:02 am

    Food was fantastic, staff is attentive, over all vibe was awesome! Fun to party like this without having to hack the commute to Toronto!

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