Sp!n Dessert Cafe

Sp!n Dessert Cafe is a cozy eatery serving not only desserts but brunches, classic savoury crepes and also a quick coffee break. Located on Queensway in Etobicoke, “Sp!n Dessert Cafe strives to enrich the experiences of their guests by providing the super quality food and beverages.” – Website. I love the cute decor and atmosphere but only find their desserts to be average.  I’ve been to this particular location twice and I can’t say that I love it here but it is rather my last resort for a late-night dessert.


Like many other dessert cafes, you can watch them prepare your desserts in an open area.




One Sweet Day / Crepe ($9.15)

  • Strawberry ice-cream topped with fresh strawberries, graham pie crust and hot caramel sauce on the side 
  • This is all personal preference but I prefer my crepes to come warm and soft – almost fluffy with a thin layer of hot caramel sauce lightly drizzled between the layers of the ice cream and the crepe itself
  • I thought this crepe fell short from what I was hoping for. The crepe was not warm at all – the middle of the crepe was soft however the outer area of the crepe was crispy? – Everything for me fell apart once I didn’t enjoy the crepe itself too much
  • Otherwise, generous portions – look at the amount of fresh strawberries on this plate!


With or Without You / Crepe ($9.15)

  • Mint chocolate Chip ice-cream topped with brownies, chocolate curls and hot fudge sauce on the side


Chocolate Cake

  • A moist fudge cake with chewy chocolate fudge icing, chocolate crunch and served with Vanilla ice-cream on the side
  • I couldn’t resist ordering this chocolate cake and like the description stated – yes it was a very moist slice of cake – very rich and uber good


Strawberry Shortcake Sundae

  • Strawberry fruit smoothie with Vanilla ice-cream and Amaretto, topped with real whipped cream 


Mangocream Smoothie

  • A delicious blend of Mango and Vanilla ice-cream, topped with real whipped cream. 


Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t love this place but wouldn’t mind coming back for a late night dessert. If you prefer your crepe to be a little crispy and served a little cold then this place is what you’re looking for! I’m not much of a waffle person & there are a lot of things I didn’t try on their menu but I’m a crepe kind of girl! Otherwise you guys can check out my favourite place to go to Cafe by Crepe it Up! – It’s located on Church st. in the Gay Village, a little out of the way (I know!) but totally worth the trip it in my opinion.

Also, I did read some reviews about their lack of service from time to time. During both my visits I never encountered a problem with waiting or slow service so I guess its a hit or miss thing!

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