La Carnita

A few months back, Stella (@foodieyu) took me to La Carnita because of 2 simple reasons: 1. she loves the cocktails and tacos here and 2. I’ve never been ever since their crazy buzz. And so, we both ended up here on a Sunday night!

La Carnita (@la_carnita) located on College Park is known for their celebration of street art and street food! The first thing I noticed when I walked into the eatery was definitely the underground feel to it with all the graffitis on the wall and wooden furniture.

Despite the fact that it was a Sunday night, this place was still busy. The service here was great, our waiter had no problem recommending cocktails and specials. Our foods arrived one after another. Though the only thing that bothered me a little is that this place isn’t exactly spacious. So you can literally hear the conversations going on around you.

Tortilla Chips ($6.50)

  • with ancho chili powder & one side
  • Sides: Guacamole, Sikil Pak, Mezcal Chipotle Pate
  • These tortilla chips aren’t your average ones because they’re lightly sprinkled with chili powder giving it a spicy kick
  • worth the rave

{Right} In Cod We Trust ($4.75)

  • Voitron sauce, lime crema, pickled red, cabbage green apple & cilantro

{Left} Specials of the Night ($4.75)

  • Pulled Pork & Pineapples

From bottom left to bottom right (clockwise)

Crispy Avocado & Frijoles ($4.75)

  • Beans, crispy avocado, jicama, chipotle sauce queso fresco & cilantro

Tostada de Lengua ($4.75)

  • cilantro verde, cashew sauce, grilled pineapple radish & beet sprouts

Pollo Frito ($4.75)

  • Peanut mole sauce, pickled green cabbage & salsa fresca

Red & Green Chorizo ($4.75)

  • house – made chorizo, mango salsa, quesa cotija and cilantro

For Dulce, we ordered the infamous Paletas ($4.00).

{Left} Chocolate & peanut bits & {Right} Pineapple & Chili

The tacos here are amazing! My favourite were definitely the In COD we trust. A bit salty with lightly battered pieces of cod and a hint of lime and cilantro. My two most favourite things! My second most favourite taco is the special of the night. The pulled pork and a pineapple is a great combination and pairing. Love the saltiness and sweetness together.The paletas were both really creamy and light. Perfect palette cleanser =)

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