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Reds Wine Tavern (@REDSWINETAVERN) located in the heart of the financial district was just recently named as one of the best wine bars in Toronto. This gorgeous venue recently went through an extensive renovation showcasing a new menu and a new executive chef, Ryan Gallagher (Top Chef Canada Contestant). Luckily, I was invited to Reds Wine Tavern for dinner a few nights ago!

Conveniently located inside One Canadian Place, Reds Wine Tavern offers lunch and dinner with a great selection of shareable & appetizer dishes plus many more. Reds Wine Tavern prides themselves on serving great comfort food from the freshest ingredients.

Once I was seated, I couldn’t help to notice the galore of wine racks and wine bottles situated in every corner of the room.

After ordering our appetizers, the sommelier picked out a few selection of wines to go with our appetizers.

Red: Falchini Chianti, “Colli Seuesi” 2010, Tuscany, Italy

White: Albariño, “Rius Baixas” 2011, Spain

Bread to Start:

Angus Beef & Quail Egg Tartar ($14.95)

  • shallots, pickles, green onions, country bread, house made hot sauce
  • This dish was first presented to us as shown below, then our server kindly helped us stir the tartar and lightly drizzled 2 drops of their special sauce

  • The beef tartar is a must order! It was nicely seasoned with tasty beef
  • The quail egg was an interesting touch to the dish
  • It is perfect for a light start

Rhode Island Jonah Crab Cakes ($24.95)

  • fennel and preserved lemon salad with Tavern tartar sauce
  • These crab cakes were truly amazing. Literally every bite was chunks and chunks of crab meat
  • Paired with a perfect arugula salad

  • As you can see from the picture below, there was little filling and mostly pieces of crab meat!
  • It was oh so good smothering it in Tavern tartar sauce

Fresh Fish of the Day

Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($17.95)

  • crisp coleslaw, fries, house made hot sauce
  • So I have lower-than-average tolerance for spicy things and I somehow mistaken the house made hot sauce as ketchup and drenched a large piece of crispy fried chicken into this hot sauce and ate it – HOT but goooood
  • The fries served with the buttermilk fried chicken were really addicting. I was nibbling on them the whole night!

Grasshopper Parfait ($7.95)

  • Dark chocolate and peppermint mousse with chocolate crisps
  • The dessert menu offered 3 kinds of desserts. A carrot cake, Red & black forest cake and we opted for the grasshopper parfait.
  • It arrived in a cute little jar with chocolate crisps sprinkled on half of the peppermint mousse.
  • I rarely eat dark chocolate alone because of the bitterness but it was rich and creamy paired with the peppermint mousse! The mousse itself was light in flavour making it a great accompaniment to the dark chocolate

Overall, I really enjoyed myself here. The staff here were helpful and very knowledgeable about the menus. In terms of the food, I loved the crab cake and tartar. Personally I would come back to try more of their appetizers and drinks.

Thank you Ayla for inviting me and as well as Executive Chef Ryan Gallagher for coming out of the kitchen to check up on us!

This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content.

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