G for Gelato & Espresso Bar

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’m crazy for gelato! It literally turns me into a super giddy person haha! So imagine my surprise when I just happen to pass by G for Gelato (@GforGelato) after a long and tiring day. Just note that this rarely happens to me – I always do research & read menus prior showing up to anything! But it feels nice to do something out of the norm once in a while =)

G for Gelato is a cute little dessert / snack shop located on Jarvis Street just steps away from St. Lawrence Market. G for Gelato is gelateria and espresso bar serving artisinal gelato, specialty coffees, pizza, salads, deserts and home-made biscotti. I visited this place twice and have only been here for their gelato – though I did notice many others ordering their home made sandwiches / panini’s

Once you walk through the doors… there’s just something that makes this place really cozy – maybe it’s just the brightness haha

A chalkboard displaying their daily features….

Galore of gelato!!! *Smiles*

Prices-  1 Flavour $3.50 / 2 Flavours $4.50 / 3 Flavours $5.50

Mango ($3.50) 

  • I prefer non fruit flavoured gelato – but my friend who ordered this was really satisfied with the taste and portion!
  • I had a bite of this and thought it was sweet and citrus-y

Hazelnut ($3.50) 

  • I love gelato that is chocolate or any nut based gelato
  • The hazelnut gelato here is amazing – super smooth – really true to the flavour
  • It tasted creamy and luscious #nomnomnom

I love this place! They have really warm and friendly staff here and more importantly they have a WIDE selection of gelato flavours ~ I might grab a panini if I’m feeling hungry but I’ll definitely make a trip here just for their gelato =)

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  1. w
    July 14, 2012 / 3:23 pm

    i never knew they have a location near st.lawrence market. great find! i’ve always just been to the one at yorkville. thanks for sharing!

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