I love Banh Mi Boys!

Banh Mi Boys (@Banhmiboys) is a sandwich shop located on the busy streets of Queen Street West (&Spadina). This eatery is a sandwich shop that serves gourmet Banh Mi, Steamed Bao and Tacos. I panicked momentarily when I first walked in – utterly shocked at the amount of people lining up (literally all the way  outside). Their kitchen staff is quick and efficient so I didn’t end up waiting too long.

Banh Mi Boys itself is not big. There are a few tables along this narrow eatery. However, if you visit Banh Mi Boys during peak hours it may be best to just order the food to-go. I’ve been here twice so far, the first time was right after work on a Friday – crazy packed – I literally had to SQUEEZE through. The second time was on a Thursday night around 9pm – it was very laid back – just a few tables were occupied.

The menu is very simple and easy to read – displayed on a big screen over the counter.

Banh Mi – are sandwiches served on a baguette with house mayo, pickled carrots, cilantro and cucumber

Taco – are served with purple cabbage slaw, kimchi, pickled carrots and cilantro

Steamed Bao – are served with cucumber, pickled carrots and cilantro

How this works is you place your order at the counter. They ask for your name and a number is given to you on the receipt / ticket. You can either wait along the back kitchen counter or grab a seat until they call your name!

Kim Chi Fries ($5.99)

  • So first off, I don’t normally eat kim chi when its presented as side dishes at Korean Restaurants – I don’t know the reason behind it – maybe I just don’t love it.
  • But if kimchi is infused with crispy hot fries with mouth watering pulled pork – then i’ll eat it any day – this was just simply divine
  • The Japanese mayo and pulled pork – the flavour combination is just delightful

Kalbi Taco ($3.99)

  • I liked the kalbi taco but didn’t love it – I would want to try their other tacos next time
  • The kalbi was tender and saucy – pickled vegetables and cilantro went well together – good mixture
  • They literally stuffed the taco with goodies – literally overflowing when I was trying to eat it
  • The taco itself was thicker and chewier – resembled a Chinese pancake

I love Banh Mi Boys! I love their kimchi fries! However, I will probably try a different taco next time – I liked their kalbi taco but not enough for me to order it again. I would want to try something else since they have a wide selection of tacos to choose from anyways.

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  1. w
    May 13, 2012 / 5:24 pm

    great post! i’m going to try their steamed baos instead of the taco then.

    • Grace
      May 13, 2012 / 6:30 pm

      and their kimchi fries 😉

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