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Cool Hand Luc (@coolhandlucTO) is a cute little ice cream shop that opened last year in June 2011, located on King Street West in the heart of downtown Toronto. Besides serving a variety of fine ice cream, they also cater to hot soups and grilled cheese all year round! Unfortunately, after filling our tummies with sausages over at WVRST (See Post Here) that night, we were only in the mood (and had room) for ice cream! 

A shot of the cute & colourful little ice cream shop! I felt like I was in “ice-cream land” haha The massive mural that takes up the whole back wall was absolutely adorable.

Ice Cream Menu!

Ice Cream Prices

Daily Soups & Grilled Cheese ~ Menu

Banana Boat ($3.50)

  • A tide of marshmallow and chocolate flowing throughout banana flavoured ice cream
  • I am personally not a big fan of fruit-flavoured ice cream – don’t know why, Oh wells! (Actually, the banana boat ice cream tasted like medicine to me)
  • My friend loved this – it was literally a “love at first bite” kind of thing – she even came back the next day just to order this (lol)

Chocolate Peanut Butter  ($6.14)

  • The perfect combination of their rich and creamy smooth chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and a generous ripple of peanut butter
  • I asked the staff for their recommendations – and they highly recommended their most popular selection – chocolate peanut butter
  • It was really refreshing – the ice cream itself was creamy and soft!

My verdict? Although I prefer gelato over ice cream – the ice cream here is not bad. If I happen to be in the King Street West area I will keep this place in mind and come back for their chocolate peanut butter ice cream =)

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