WVRST (@WvrstBeerHall) is a “sausage fest” and by that I mean everything on the menu is literally sausage + beer!  I’ve never been huge on sausages- actually – its more like I never knew there were THIS many kinds of different sausages that existed – so witnessing the galore of sausages in all types and shapes on display was neat. But it was great to finally check this place out and get it off the radar.

WVRST is a big open space with long communal tables. German themed – casual & laid back atmosphere – though it was a bit hectic late Friday night. When we first walked in the staff had checked out IDs and gave us a brief intro – told us we’re to order at the counter – then we are to seat ourselves after the staff has given us a number and they will bring the food to us when ready.  Easy and simple concept.

Here’s the counter where you order the sausages + drink. There is a separate bar off to the side that allows you to order more beer.

We were given a double sided menu. Sausages on the left – Fries on the right – Drinks on the back.

When you order the sausages, they are served in one of two ways.

1. CurryWurst – sliced sausages served with country bread and tomato curry sauce.
2.  On a Toasted Fresh Bun – served on a buttery white roll with choice of 2 topping – Sweet sauteed onions / Sauteed Jalapenos / Sweet peppers / Sauerkraut

My friend had ordered the Traditional Italian Sausage ($6.00) – pork and sicilian fennel

Traditional Boerwors Sausage ($6.00)

  • served on a buttery white roll – this was good
  • The Boerwors sausage had a lot of juice and flavour to it – the spices were well layered throughout the meat
  • The bun was crispy and buttery on the inside – soft and fluffly on the inside

Dirty Fries – Dirty Duck ($7.50)

  • Peppers, Jalapenos &  Sauteed Onions topped with a WVRST special sauce
  • This was the highlight of the night – the picture below doesn’t do it justice!
  • Although this was a tad spicy for me – I loved the kick of flavours in my every bite
  • The fries were literally drenched in the WVRST special sauce – soft fries – very rich and creamy
  • Highly recommend!

Unfortunately – we weren’t really in the mood to grab drinks that night – it was an obnoxious crowd and we didn’t feel like shouting at each other. Anyways, if we do return it’ll probably be during lunch or right after work to beat the crowd – I rather go visit them when the atmosphere is a bit more laid back – simply just to enjoy their dirty duck fries & beer!

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