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Fin Izakaya (@FinIzakaya) located near the intersections of Yonge St & Eglinton Ave, is a type of Japanese pub that serves tapa dishes (small dishes) presented in an appealing manner.
Before visiting Fin Izakaya, I have read a bunch of mixed reviews so I didn’t know what to expect. Some dishes were better than others – so it wasn’t all too bad. The great thing about Fin Izakaya is that they accept reservations and there is also free parking =D Basically you have to call the restaurant when you arrive and one of their staff members will come outside and lead you to their private parking area!
The atmosphere is not much of a loud drinking and cheering dining experience you would expect from Guu – rather it is much more of a calm dining experience.

Takoyaki Octopus Balls ($5.75)

  • Crispy deep fried octopus balls with dancing bonito flakesserved the old fashioned way
  • One of the best Takoyakis’ I’ve had in Toronto

Bonito Tataki with Crunchy Garlic ($9.50)

  • Seared bonito sashimi with garlic chips and citrus ponzu sauce
  • The tataki was really yummy! Great texture and cut to the perfect thickness
  • Tataki was beautifully seared on the edges and the garlic chips gave the dish that extra crunch!

Tuna Namero ($8.75)

  • A Japanese Fisherman’s Dish – chopped Tuna with green onions
  • It was one of their Fin’s specials and not on their regular menu. 
  • This dish was really yummy- I’m not a big fan of green onions but it went SO well with the marinated tuna and the crunchy chips! 

Miso Tuna Tartar ($8.95)

  • A Japanese fisherman’s dish – chopped tuna marinated with Fin’s signature miso paste
  • The Tuna were thinly sliced – great texture and well marinated with their signature miso paste
  • My eyes were literally salivating at the sight of this

Certified Angus Beef Stone Grill ($19)

  • Angus beef sirloin and vegetables grilled on sizzling stone plate, a choice of citrus ponzu or teriyaki sauce
  • The meat was incredibly flavourful – really enjoyed the flavours of the broth
  • I also like how you can cook the meat to your liking – I can eat it medium rare or super cooked because I like different textures

 Hokubei Mori Sushi ($18)

  • 8 pieces of Nigiri sushi and a choice of one uramaki
  • For the uramaki we opted for spicy salmon roll
  • We all thought that the nigiri sushi and the uramaki were just mediocre
  • It wasn’t all that bad but just nothing amazing or special compared to the other dishes we tried that night

Even though Fin Izakaya has a noticeably different atmosphere compared to Guu, I still enjoyed my dining experience here and loved their tapa style dishes especially the Takoyakis’! I would love to come back again and try more of their sashimi and seafood tapas but not so much their sushi.

I wouldn’t say this place is necessarily better than Guu but its still a great alternative especially since they accept reservations – so don’t forget to call!

Photo Credits: Andrea Y.

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