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I tend to opt out of desserts at restaurants because I usually save my tummy for ice cream / crepes/ waffles / cakes etc. at other places. I mean obviously I would stay at the restaurant for dessert if it was something that people HIGHLY RECOMMENDED or something from the dessert menu seemed INTRIGUING for me to stay. (which rarely happens lol)

I remember going to Art Square Cafe after a particular dinner of eating extremely spicy Korean food so YES! I was DYING + CRAVING for crepes right after to get rid of the spices. Art square Cafe is located literally right across from the AGO which also features an art gallery when you first walk in – and the cafe is tucked in at the back of the gallery.

Actually when we first walked into the cafe section, we were sort of confused as to whether they were suppose to seat us or we had to order at the counter and then seat ourselves….. I went up to the counter and asked the server who brought us to our seats right away and handed us our menus.

I couldn’t really take pictures from where I was seated – but the ceiling was decorated with hanging masks and the walls were covered with paintings that were up for auction =)

Art Square Cafe offers a variety of desserts which consists of sweet + savoury crepes + slices of cake. They also offer chocolate truffles that comes originally from Dominican Republic and their specialty = Chocolate Fondue.

Classic Hot Chocolate ($4.25)

  • the hot chocolate was a bit too bitter for my liking
  • It consisted of organic & fair trade chocolate mixed with hot milk and lightly sweetened with dark brown sugar.
  • I liked how it came with a wooden spoon – which I thought was cute (lol)

Very Berry Crepe

  • the crepe was very delightful + flavourful- came with a lot of berries and sauce with vanilla ice cream
  • the berries in the crepe were very fresh or a little TOO fresh that they were a bit too sour (lol)
  • crepe was filled with berry mix (blue & black berry, raspberry, strawberry) and topped with vanilla or chocolate ice cream
  • garnished with organic chocolate and pistachio

My friend ordered a slice of tiramusi cake that night and he couldn’t finish it because he complained that it  was WAY too bitter.

Anyone have any suggestions about desserts / cafes in Dowtown?! Please comment below for recommendations! Thanks for reading =]

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