Spuntini Ristorante / Bar

Wow! I’ve been so incredibly busy this past week that I haven’t even been near my lonely laptop =( But Thank God I won’t be busy in the coming weeks so I can keep blogging about my food adventures =D  YAY!

I love everything about Yorkville – their shops, restaurants, cafes…. oh and also the Ferrari(s) / R8(s) that are always parked on the streets =p So after a shopping spree at Yorkville, I ended up at Spuntini Ristorante / Bar – an authentic Italian restaurant that was recommended to me by a foodie friend.

Spuntini gives a very rustic and romantic atmosphere with all the candle-lit tables. They serve authentic Italian food that consists of home made pasta and fresh seafood.

For appetizers, we had ordered:

Bufala Mozzarella ($14.50)

  • With Sliced Seasonal Tomatoes, Fresh Field Basil, Extra Virgin olive Oil And Balsamic Glaze.
  • The presentation of this dish sure got me excited – But sadly, I didn’t enjoy eating it
  • Although the mozzarella and the tomatoes were all cut to the exact same thickness – the mozzarella was way too strong in terms of taste … which I didn’t like =S

Zuppa Del Giorno – Soup of the day = French Onion Soup ($8.95)

  • French onion soup is perfect for a freezing day
  • I loved the soup – but I’d personally prefer the cheese to be melted on top of the soup and not just the garlic bread
  • Nevertheless, the soup was uber delicious

Linguine Frutti Di Mare ($19.95)

  • Linguine Tossed With Sautéed Mussels, Calamari, Shrimp And Baby Clams In A White Wine
    and Fresh Garlic Sauce With Green Onions & Cherry
  • I’m usually hesitant to order pasta that is tossed in a white or pesto sauce – I prefer something more flavourful and a bit stronger (I’ve had many bad experiences ordering extremely bland pastas)
  • I loved the seafood linguine and it was not bland AT ALL – the white wine was pretty prominent in this dish – which I loved!
  • my only complaint is that the pasta doesn’t stay warm for very long, meaning that by the time I was half way through – it was already cold

Penne Alla Vodka ($14.50)

  • Penne Tossed With Italian Cured Bacon In A Tomato Cream Sauce And A Splash Of Vodka
  • I didn’t try this penne but my friend seemed very satisfied with it =)

Ravioli Di Soraia ($18.95)

  • Square Ravioli Pasta Stuffed With Lobster And Crab In A Sage, Butter, White Wine Sauce
  • This dish looked a lot smaller than in the picture, but it was surprisingly filling
  • The ravioli tasted homemade – very comforting

Creme Brulee with Mango Sorbet

  • T___T can’t remember the price for the life of me
  • But it doesn’t matter because I would order this in a second without checking the price (lol)
  • the custard was soooooooo smooth and light – very tasty =D

I wasn’t able to try a little bit of the cheesecake as I was way too busy indulging in the creme brulee (lol)

My only complaint is that it would be better if their food stayed warm a bit longer. But other than that, I had a really memorable dinner at Spuntini – Thank you =D

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